Thursday, November 10, 2011

Release Notes - November 9, 2011 (Mafia Wars 2)


Hey Posse, Mafia Wars 2 has been updated again! We did lots of behind-the-scenes bug-squashing this week, but here are the things you'll notice have changed in the game!

Of Special Note
  • Fighting has been sped up – now if you click again on someone you’re fighting while the fight animation is playing, the animation will stop and it will immediately initiate another attack.
  • New armor and weapons have been added to the Marketplace for certain level bands:
    • Heavy weapons – levels 10-25
    • Special weapons – levels 16-50
    • Lower armor – levels 8-18
    • Head armor – levels 14-35
  • A Starter Pack has been added to the Marketplace! Get gold, cash, energy, and a pimp outfit for just $20 (you save 55%!). You can find it in the Get Gold & Cash tab.
  • New tasks have been created in the Bone Yard, Badlands, and Dead End that cost 1 energy and some product instead of more energy.
  • In-game cash that was purchased with real money can no longer be stolen by rivals.
  • A couple of issues that were causing loading problems for some users were fixed

Additions & Changes
  • Sell prices for non-purchasable items (like quest rewards and boss drops) have been adjusted to "nicer" numbers, depending on their zone, instead of 77, and in many cases will be worth more.
  • Rivals will now appear on your crews' turf when you visit them.
  • The Mission Manager can now display more than 14 missions.
  • When your energy begins to get low, the "Get Energy" button will display under the energy bar.
  • Marketplace items that require users to upgrade a building to unlock will now let you know what level you need to be in order to upgrade that building.
  • The Crafting progess bar now has a tooltip so you can see your progress in detail.
  • When you upgrade your crafting level, your Crafting Workshop will change to reflect it.

  • We fixed an issue that would cause players to go Out of Sync when they fought the bosses in Dead End.
  • Opening the Crafting building tab several times no longer causes a large present icon to appear.
  • Squashed a Flash Player error that sometimes popped up when you were fighting.
  • The "Collect the 5 Elements" mission title is no longer cut off.
  • You'll no longer be prompted to build the Armory again even though you've already placed it.
  • When selecting a specialization, the game will now display items from that specialization instead of random items from crafting recipes.
  • The French Maid clothing items have been removed from the Marketplace due to an underlying bug.
  • The quest for placing the Crafting Workshop will now occur in Granite Square or at level 10, whichever comes first.
  • From last week: “The Reinforced Gate/Secure Fencing in Westside Wharf is now, actually, secure. No, really, we mean it this time! Your avatar can no longer pass through without having to unlock it.”
  • Well, we did mean it.. But it turned out not to be true. This week we are cautiously optimistic that you can no longer pass through the gate.
  • The husband for the "Interrogate the Husband" mission has been coaxed out of hiding and is no longer standing behind a building.
  • The pay-through options for some social quests have been adjusted.
  • The streets in Bluebird Meadows will now line up with the background art.
info from Official Mafia Wars 2 Blog