Thursday, February 28, 2013

VIP Loots for March 2013



New VIP loots for March 2013 are now available!
Read more about the benefits of being a VIP member.

Enjoy exclusive benefits by subscribing to the VIP Membership Plan today!
-The Mafia Wars Team

DAILY FIX - Day 4 - tasks and 4th Day Reward


Tasks in DAILY FIX are different!

These are 2 examples for Day 4 Tasks, there are more of them!

1. Ice 1 Opponent in Brazil


2. Fight 5 opponents in Chicago



same for the bronze Tier

Limited Time - 2x Builds on Global Properties - Feb 28th


Dear Players,

 Build 2x items on a Global Property for the price of 1 item between 9 AM and 9.30 AM PST (GMT-8) on Feb 28.

Please note that this is a Limited Time offer. 

Q: How does it work?A: We recommend using the Global Property Manager on Mafia Wars Home page to craft items.

Please click on “Home” to view the Global Property Manager and follow the link to the Tutorial Video for further instructions:

- Mafia Wars Team

New Marketplace Item - Breathe Easy


Breathe Easy
222 150

Color Commentator in Inventory


Thank you all for participating in the Mafia Wars survey. We asked for your opinion on your game-play experience and the data we collected will surely help us make Mafia Wars more fun for all of you.
The item, Color Commentator (235 Attack/160 Defense) has now been credited to your account inventory for taking this survey.

Please Note: In case, you have taken the survey and have not received this item, it is because you’ve not entered a valid Facebook Profile URL as mentioned in the Terms & Conditions section of the survey.
The Mafia Wars Team

FREE Arena Meta Flair


 FREE Arena Meta Flair

Wednesday, February 27, 2013



Have and use a 6th Power Up for a limited time only!
Fight in the Arena and get 10 Freezes free.

  • This is a limited time Power Up which you can either build or buy.
  • Power Ups can be built using Power Cards.
  • On expiry of this Power Up, your remaining Freezes will automatically be converted into Power Cards.

cost: 2 Power Cards

Block an opponent from attacking you (10s). Cooldown 10s.

Next Mission Event is Coming Soon in Mafia Wars! (The Knife Holder)


Next Mission Event is Coming Soon in Mafia Wars!

Stay Tuned:

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DAILY FIX - Day 3 - task and 3rd Day Reward


Example for Daily Fix - Day 3 Task

Collect from ARMORY 1 time


same as for the 2nd Day

A Home Away From Home


Zynga’s Mafia Wars has teamed up with the Fisher House Foundation to help provide a “home away from home” for families of patients receiving medical care at major military and VA medical centers. The homes provide temporary free lodging so families can be close to their loved ones during a medical crisis.
To help the Fisher House Foundation, we have released two special Limited Edition items for purchase - theFamily Beach (223/158) and the Housing Volunteer (163/228). These are available for a limited time starting at2:00 AM on Feb 27th 2013 PST until March 6th 2013, 23:59 PST.

 As a token of our appreciation, the highest individual contributor for this event will feature in the game as a Non Playing Character- The Philanthropist.  
Here are few important points to keep in mind:
 How to Enter:
 Starting at 2:00 AM on February 27th, 2013 PST, players will be able to access the Mafia Wars event titled, “Home Away From Home.” Players will have the opportunity to spend Reward Points on two virtual items within this event:Housing Volunteer (163/228) and Family Beach (223/158). The player who spends the most Reward Points on or before the end of the event wins the opportunity to be used as an inspiration for a future non-playing character in Mafia Wars called, “The Philanthropist.” Qualifying purchases must be made by 11:59PM PST, March 6, 2013.
 Terms and Conditions
  • Purchases made are not tax deductible.
  • Zynga will donate its entire share (70%) of the in-game currency purchase price to Fisher House.
  • The winner will be contacted approximately one week after the promotion’s end via in-game messaging, wherein the winner will need to provide his or her email address for additional communications from Zynga. The winner must respond to the in-game notification within seven (7) days of the time it is sent. Failure to respond within the 7-day period will indicate definitively that the prize has been declined and an alternative winner may be selected.
  • No refunds on any purchases made within Mafia Wars.
  • The prize is not assignable or transferable. No cash equivalents of the prize identified herein, or substitutions, will be allowed except in the sole discretion of Zynga.
  • In the event there is a tie, the player who was the first in time to achieve the winning highest amount wins.
  • This contest is open to Mafia Wars users aged 18 or older that have an account in good standing with Zynga.
  • By agreeing to participate, you will be indicating that Zynga has permission to: (1) feature your name on a highest contributor leaderboard (if applicable), and (2) announce your name if you are chosen as the winner.
  • You understand that you may need to execute additional documents and grant additional releases in order to be used as inspiration for an in-game character.
  • Zynga, in its sole discretion, will control the appearance of the NPC, the date on which it is made a part of the game, and the duration of its presence in the game.
  • This promotion as well as the use of any Zynga website, forum or game is governed by the Zynga Terms of Service ( Collection and use of user information governed by Zynga's Privacy Policy (
Visit for more information.
CLICK HERE to buy the items!
 Donate now to stand a chance to be ‘The Philanthropist’ in Mafia Wars!
-The Mafia Wars Team
 Family Beach
Zynga will donate its entire share (70% of the in-game currency purchase price) to Fisher House.
223 Attack 158 Defense
Housing Volunteer
Zynga will donate its entire share (70% of the in-game currency purchase price) to Fisher House.
163 Attack 228 Defense

Items for Next Mission Event


Items for Next Mission Event
Cut And Pierced
161 235

 Lil' Baron
205 145
 Farmer's Hat
205 143
145 204
 Red Beetle
144 205
0 0

Free Health Refill in Arena


Free Health Refill in Arena

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

20 RP-s are back in Golden Treasure Chest


Good move Zynga!!!!

Free 50 Power Cards


Free 50 Power cards

click on this link:

DAILY FIX - Day 2 - tasks and Second Day Reward


Tasks in DAILY FIX are different!

These are 2 examples for Day 2 Tasks, could be more of them!

1. Collect from PRIVATE ZOO - 1 time


2. Collect from WEAPONS DEPOT - 1 time


same as for the 1st Day

New Family Bargain - Kaze Blacksport


 Kaze Blacksport
132 222

New Marketplace Item - Bullet Ant


 Bullet Ant
150 222