Monday, November 24, 2014

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Calendar for Upcoming Mock Wars : Updated on 11/24/2014

We have a list of confirmed Mock War scheduled by Mafia Wars Families celebrating their anniversaries. Zynga and Mafia Wars will be giving away a special Limited Edition item to all the participants and 10 RPs each to the top ten players of these mock wars.                                                                                        
Family Name
Mock War Dates
War Page
Melbourne Mafia Friends United & Stigmata Nov 29,2014
PounceDec 1-3. 2014
FreedomDec 5-7, 2014
All KnockoutDec 12-14,2014
Los Exiliados de Mafia WarsJan 5, 2015
Death By Numbers & DBN EliteJan 16-18, 2015




We will keep updating this list once we confirm the mock wars with MW Families.
Please note: We require at least 45 days notice for the Mock Wars. Click here for more details--->
Prepare yourselves for a fight!
-The Mafia Wars Team

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