Friday, September 4, 2015

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MY Combos for JOHN YUN (Overlords)

These are MY COMBOS for the first Overlord (John Yun).
They sure work for me, choice is always yours, you can try them maybe they are useful for you, or you may not wish to try them. 
I am posting it just in case for somebody it or they will work.
So, try it if you wish to.
Great Friday to all of you who are daily here with us, and great day to all who are here with us from time to time, ofc great day to those who will come here for the first time.

OVERLORDS - available today

back in the game

Collect ammos from jobs, fight & Arena, robbing or you can buy it for RP's.
You can buy Overlords Pack on "great" discount for 19,99$ "only".
Fighting manually? As always it could be pain in the ass, finding combos as well.
Wish you all luck and if you like this Event have lot of fun.

Collector's Edition Item - Cosmo Jet

Cosmo Jet
374 Attack308 Defense
Defense 6 Defense

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