Saturday, October 25, 2014



 Move up the lceboard based on the number of opponents you ice. You need at least 5 active members in your Family to enable your Family Iceboard. Your Family Iceboard shows you where you stand in your Family and the Global Iceboard shows you where you stand amongst all Mafia Wars players.Your Iceboard ranking will reset to zero every week. Earn rewards for standing first on your Family Iceboard or if you are a top three rank holder on the Global Iceboard.

New The Strange's Swag - Panda Ant

Today's your lucky day. The Stranger has chosen you to reward you with some swag. Post a feed to earn up to three items and click on feeds to earn up to two items.
 Panda Ant
272 188

FREE Dissection Collection Item


Complete Dissection Collection in Mexico with a FREE Collection Item! 

FREE Attack Point

Become more powerful with a FREE attack point!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Free 2 White Lipped Peccaries from Mafia Wars Team

To welcome you back, 2 White Lipped Peccaries have been added to your account.