Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Identifying a Real MW Post

I considered this is very valuable. As the information on how we check to see if the post is a true Mafia Wars post. I found this on Mistyfied Mafia Wars & Pimping, and thanks, for permission to publish this on my blog.

Scammers are out there.  We warn you about them as soon as we find them but this is not nearly as good as you knowing what to look for to identify the scan yourself.  After all, these scams are Facebook Apps that can access all your Facebook info and sometimes even cause viruses on your computer.  Yes, it can be very dangerous not knowing the truth.  So here is the information on how we check to see if the post is a true Mafia Wars post.Standard MW post that you see all the time:
Secret Stashes are always in your news feed or profile wall.  Use a post you know to be truely from Mafia Wars Game as your reference when checking on other things that your not sure about.
There are 3 things to look for:
  • Mafia Wars M logo:
    This can be easy to copy so it is not the only thing, just the first thing to check since it is th easiest to spot.  Things to note about the M logo, it is Stright up and down on the outside parts of the M |\/|.  It does not have any curves in it.  It is grey fading to white on a black background.  You can see how easy it is to copy this since I have it directly in this Note.  But it is suprising how many try to use something else.
  • Reward link: (This is the link at the bottom right side of the post)
    Notice how it states here what you are getting.  Most of the time in Mafia Wars it will state on that link information about what you are about to do.  If you hover your mouse over it your status bar (at the very bottom of your Browser window) will show you the URL that you will be opening if you click the link.  In the case of Mafia Wars it will always start out the same way.
    Display on diffrent browsers may very.  Sometimes the browser includes the http:// sometimes it does not.  Google Chrome does not, Firefox does.  The link will always be:  http://apps.facebook.com/inthemafia/ 
  • Mafia Wars Game link:
    It will always say Mafia Wars Game in this location.  Anything other then Mafia Wars Game is a scam.  To double check this you can again hover your mouse over the link to see the address in the status bar.
    If it is from Mafia Wars Game it will always be the same id number at the end of the URL.  http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=10979261223
Now you know what to look for before you fall victum to the next Mafia Wars Scam.  This will also keep you from being defriended by those who know how to check.  You can post something like this to them and they could click without thinking and end up with a computer virus or worst.  A lot of players will defriend you on the first offense of this to protect themselves.  Better safe then sorry.

There is one last way to check if you still think it might be a true Zynga/Mafia Wars post but these do not match up.  This way is simple, check with Zynga's Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/Zynga On this page you can see all of Zynga's Favorite Pages.  Just look down the left side toward the bottom you will see a group of 6 Images connected to Zynga Games.  Click Show All and see if your questionable app/page shows up here.  If it does not then it is not associated with Zynga directly, and can not do what they say they will do.Zynga uses other companies to post things to the fans walls, these 3rd party companies can not give you anything in Zynga's game but they use Zynga's shorten URL (http://zyn.ga/2lb) for a lot of their stuff.

credits go to: ~ Mr. Wizard  Mistyfied Mafia Wars & Pimping