Monday, February 14, 2011

Cannot view Game Feeds and News Feed Posts


If you cannot view your Game Feeds on your News Feed, please be sure to check your settings. Your current default setting may only display 250 Friends in your Feed. You can increase this number to see new posts more frequently. Game Feeds are sometimes accidentally hidden. Check your Feed options to view what is currently hidden.
To view more friends' posts on your Game Feed:
1. Go to your Facebook Home page.
2. Select "Most Recent" News Feed and scroll to the bottom of the page.
3. Click on "Edit Options"
4. Click on Show Posts From and change the setting to "All of Your Friends And Pages." (Right below it, you can also select whose posts you do not wish to view on your News Feed.)
To unhide Game Feed on Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer:
1. Please click on Facebook "Home" page.
2. Click on "Top News".
3. Click on "Edit Options" at the bottom of your Facebook Home, next to the "Older posts" link. This should open the "Hidden from News Feed" dialog box with tabs for Applications and Friends.
4. Click on "Application" Tab to view hidden Zynga games OR click on the "Friends" Tab to view hidden friends.
5. Now click on "Add to news feed" button next to desired game or a currently hidden Friend.
6. Close the box and you're done!
A possible workaround is to check your "Game" tab located on the left hand column of your Facebook Home page. Your game feeds may display in your "Games" tab if they are not appearing in your News Feed or Game Feed after checking the settings above. They will be located at the bottom of the page, right below your Gift requests.