Saturday, February 12, 2011

Release Notes 2/11/2011

Release Notes from the official blog of Mafia Wars

1.  Atlantic City Mobile Chapter 4
Camden County , the 4th Chapter of Atlantic City, is now available. Fully master this chapter and you will be awarded a Parkour Master that is an Armor item with stats of 105/121!
2.  Italy Consumables
Sets of Hidden Charges and Cooked Books are now on the Free Gift page. You can accept up to 10 of each a day to make Italy a little easier to master.
3.  Rivals List
Do you have a beef with someone in Mafia Wars? Now you can create your own Rivals List by adding up to 10 players of your choice.  Add players directly from the fightlist or their Mafia Wars profile page. Players can be added or removed at any time.
4.  FrontierVille and Café World Cross Game Promotions
The FrontierVille and Café World cross game promotions have officially ended.  You can still use any Beaver Pelts and Doctored Invoices that are in your inventory to craft items but will not be able to create anymore.
5.  The Big Game Faceoff
The Wisconsin Cheddarheads won the Big Game and player who built the winning franchise were awarded with a Victory Ring for each one.  Congrats to to all who hold Victory Rings!
6.  Limited Time Mission
The first Limited Time Mission was released on February 3rd. All players had 8 days to complete it. Look for more of these Missions in the future.

7.  Missions Bar Change
There is now a drop down menu to view the status off all your Missions. From the Missions Bar, click on "SEE ALL" and all the statistics of your Mission(s) will be viewable in one place.
8.  Forum Board Live Question and Answer Session
The Mafia Wars Forum Board hosted a live chat Question and Answer session.  Go to this Forum Board Thread to see the all questions and answers.  A second session is scheduled for February 11th at 2pm PST.  To participate or review the questions, go HERE.
9.  Player Advisory Committee Update
The players selected for the Player Advisory Committee have notified and will attend training at Zynga Headquarters in San Fransisco on February 26th.  Go to this Zynga Forum Board Thread for more details.

10.  Mafia Wars Valentine's Day Event
For a sneak preview of our Valentine's Day Event, check out the Customer Support Valentine's Day Event Page.

11.  One Day Reward Point Sale
Don't miss out on your chance to get 40% off Reward Points all day on February 11.