Thursday, February 24, 2011

Have a Problem with Gifting? Programmers want to Fix it! Help us, help them


The Mafia Wars development team is aware gifting problems are preventing some players from successfully accepting gift requests from fellow mafia members and friends.  The Mafia team is committed to addressing gifting problems however specific information is needed from players reporting trouble to ensure the best information is collected so gifting issues can be appropriately diagnosed and addressed.

Developers continually work to resolve outstanding issues, but each fix is complicated and sometimes difficult to diagnose and replicate. To ensure the best information is submitted to Zynga Customer Support please follow the suggested format so the Mafia Development team can effectively review the problems surrounding gifting and have complete information to act upon.
We thank you for your assistance in this process of trying to get these problems fixed.  While Customer Support agents can't fix or edit the code themselves, they can help generate reports that the programmers will analyze.

What type of gift was it?
( Free Gift , Inventory, Wishlist, Crime Spree)

What action were you trying to perform?
(Accepting the gift, Sending a gift )

If you were sending a gift, where did things go wrong?
(Gifting page, Selecting friends, Confirming the send, Selecting the item)

If you were accepting the gift where were you accepting it?
(Facebook Request, ZMC, Mafia Wars Homepage, Accepting 'gifts' from Facebook wall posts

What did the result look like?
(White page, Game Froze, Error message [please include a screenshot], Names were missing/wrong [please include a screenshot], Item didn't add to inventory, Did not get send confirmation, Other [please provide detail])