Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Day Event


Cupid has invaded Mafia Wars and Valentine's Day is around the corner! To celebrate the Valentine Holiday, a special Valentine's Day Event has arrived to earn Golden and Broken Hearts to build 4 different Valentine's Day themed items! So…skip the wilting roses, teddy bears, chocolate boxes and act selfishly to earn and collect as much Valentine's Day loot as you can! 

Collect Broken Hearts by: completing jobs, robbing properties and winning fights. Broken hearts can also be gifted to and from friends. Be on the lookout for Golden Hearts, which are worth 5 Broken Hearts. Golden Hearts will be a very rare occurrence and will also drop through the same game actions (Gifting, Fighting, Robbing, Jobs).

To increase your chances of earning Broken Hearts through jobs, be sure to complete jobs which require higher amounts of energy. For instance, completing jobs in New York or Italy which require the lowest amount of energy to complete will only lower you chance of collecting a Broken Heart.

A Valentine mini-game will also be available to increase the chances of collecting extra Broken Hearts! This mini-game will drop at random when completing jobs, fights, or robs and present different doors to choose from with a possibility of discovering up to 5 extra Broken Hearts! Good Luck!

Maximum Collection limits:
10 Broken Hearts can be collected per day from each source (Fighting, Robbing, Jobs)
20 Broken Hearts can be collected per day from gift requests
1 Golden Heart can be collected per day

1 Golden Heart = 5 Broken Hearts

Broken Hearts can be used to redeem the following Valentine Loot Items:
25 Broken Hearts- Lovebird (52/36) Animal, Common   
50 Broken Hearts-Bullet Proof Heart (42/67) Armor, Uncommon
100 Broken Hearts-Total Eclipse (76/45) Vehicle, Rare
150 Broken Hearts- Cardiac Arrest (51/89) Weapon, Superior