Thursday, October 31, 2013

Items for Next CROSS PROMOTION (Ninja Kingdom - Mafia Wars)

Dragon Slash
235 170
 Dragon Slash
245 175
 Dragon Slash
255 180
 Dragon Slash
275 185

New Marketplace Promotion Coming Soon

Cut Illusion
274 211
 True Escapist
211 274
274 211
 Magician's Assistant
211 274
251 196
266 201
286 206
301 211

New Collectable Stat Cards

New Collectable Stat Cards

New Marketplace Item - Asian Golden Cat

Asian Golden Cat
Paws of death.
207 Attack 273 Defense

Treated To Death - Marketplace 7 Day Deal

 How the Deals work
  • Unlock a better deal for each day, for the next seven days.
  • Each deal offers you more items and more skill points for the same price: Day 1 deal comes with 1 item and 1 skill point for 45 Reward Points; Day 5 deal has 5 items and 5 skill points for 45 Reward Points.
  • Once unlocked, you can purchase a particular deal as long as you have purchased at least one more previous deal. Example: On Day 3, if you have 5 Day-2 Deals then you can purchase up to 5 Day-3 Deals.
  • This event will end on 9th November at 23:59 (PST).
  • FREE Energy Point

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    Wednesday, October 30, 2013

    Happy Hours Fighting - October 30th


    Fighting Happy Hours:Fight in any city between 10 AM and 1 PM PDT (GMT -7) on Oct 30th and

    get min XP to stamina ratio of 2.3 irrespective of the fight result

    FREE Health Point

    Boost your health with a FREE health point!

    Tuesday, October 29, 2013

    Updated: The Arena - Mob Fury - FAQ

    Gang Up. Take ‘Em Out!
    You’re only as strong as you’re united and as weak as you’re divided. Mob Fury is here! 
    Mob Fury is a new type of Arena Battle where two teams fight it out to claim ultimate domination. 
    Q: What is Mob Fury and how do I access it?A: Mob Fury is a new type of Arena Battle where two teams fight it out to claim ultimate domination.  Click here to read more about The Arena.
    In Mob Fury, two teams of 3 members each fight against each other. Your team’s win or loss in the Mob Fury depends on the amount of Damage dealt as a Team in the 90 seconds battle. The team dealing more damage to the opponent wins.
    Your individual standing in Mob Fury will continue to be based on the amount of Damage you deal to opponents in the other team during the battle duration of 90 seconds. The amount of Damage you can deal to your opponents is based on amount of Stamina spent in the battle along with your Personal and Mafia strength compared to your opponents’.
    Use Power Ups to boost your team’s performance in Mob Fury.
    You can access Mob fury through the Arena section of the game:
    Once you enter the Mob Fury, you will be you will land on the Holding Cell and wait for opponents to join the battle.
    Please note that at least 6 players are required to begin.
    As soon as remaining players join the holding cell, the system will automatically form two teams and the battle will begin:
    The Mob Fury interface is shown below and battle is similar to the Shootout Arena.

    Q: Is there a minimum level requirement to play this feature?
    Yes, a player needs to be at least on Level 25 to be able to play this feature. The minimum Stamina required to play the Arena is 100.

    Q: How do I earn Stars? How do they help my team in the Mob Fury?

    A:  Reducing the Arena Health of all the members of the opposing team to 0 simultaneously, will earn your team a Star. Each Star gained will give you additional Damage once the Mob Fury Arena has ended thus increasing your chances to win the Mob Fury.  
    A Team can earn up to 5 Stars in a single Mob Fury Arena and every member of the team will receive them.

    Q: What is MVP and how to earn it?
     You can earn MVP by dealing the highest amount of damage in a particular Mob Fury Arena. MVP can be earned irrespective of your team winning in that particular Arena.

    Q: What are the benefits of earning the MVP Badge?
     Earning MVP Badge in the Mob Fury Arena will help you earn additional experience in that particular Arena battle compared to the other team members.
    Q: Are there any achievements related to the Mob Fury Arena?
    A: Yes, you can earn the following Achievements related to the Mob Fury Arena: 
    1. Absolute Carnage achievement by earning 100 Stars in the Mob Fury Arena:
    2. MVP Supremo achievement by earning 100 MVP Badges in the Mob Fury Arena:


    Q: Where can I view my stats related to Mob Fury?
    Please click on the Profile Link and check the Arena Stats to look up your stats related to the Mob Fury:

    Q: Why am I not getting any Crests?
    Crests are not available in Mob Fury battles.
    Q: Will I receive ices for fighting in the Mob Fury?
    Yes, you will receive ices for fighting in the Mob Fury. The damage and ices earned through the Mob Fury will be counted towards your Family Progression.
    Q: What happens if I flag an opponent? 
    You can flag opponents in the Mob Fury battle and mark them as a target for the rest of your team members. Members of a team can flag any member of the opponent team by clicking on the flag icon beside the opponent.
    At a given time, only one opponent can be flagged. If any of your team members flags a different opponent, the flag with shift to the recently marked opponents.

    Daily Fix Rewards for October 24.-29. and REWARD ITEM UPDATE

    Reward in part - 3x Arena Power Ups - This image is from my account and
     can be different or same for other players.

    Notice to all who are not sure whether they got RP.
    - At the moment you press "collect" one RP is added. You can see it if you look at RP-s at that moment.

    (i've collected daily fix before update, so my reward item is Live Wire 201/147)

    REWARDS FROM October 24th - 29th

    New Warsmith Coming Soon

    260 225
    265 230
    270 235
    280 240
    290 245
    300 260
    315 275

    New Limited Time Property Loot - in inventories

    Limited Time Property loot - in inventories

      Boomhailer (A:194 D:122) [Weapon] from PropertyItem Quality: Rare
      Boomhailer (A:196 D:124) [Weapon] from PropertyItem Quality: Rare
      Boomhailer (A:198 D:126) [Weapon] from PropertyItem Quality: Rare
      Nightingale (A:137 D:200) [Animal] from PropertyItem Quality: Rare
      Nightingale (A:140 D:202) [Animal] from PropertyItem Quality: Rare
      Nightingale (A:143 D:204) [Animal] from PropertyItem Quality: Rare
      Argyle Beret (A:147 D:206) [Vehicle] from PropertyItem Quality: Rare
      Argyle Beret (A:148 D:208) [Vehicle] from PropertyItem Quality: Rare
      Argyle Beret (A:149 D:210) [Vehicle] from PropertyItem Quality: Rare
      Argyle Beret (A:150 D:212) [Vehicle] from PropertyItem Quality: Rare
      Concert Grand (A:214 D:166) [Armor] from PropertyItem Quality: Rare
      Concert Grand (A:217 D:169) [Armor] from PropertyItem Quality: Rare
      Concert Grand (A:220 D:172) [Armor] from PropertyItem Quality: Rare
      Concert Grand (A:223 D:175) [Armor] from PropertyItem Quality: Rare
      Concert Grand (A:226 D:178) [Armor] from PropertyItem Quality: Rare
      Italian Marble Slab [Extra] from PropertyItem Quality: Common