Monday, January 31, 2011

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Sunday, January 30, 2011



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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Share property collection boost

Share property collection boost:
1) Unframe Mafia Wars
2) Go to your Casino in Las Vegas
3) Paste this into your address bar:


and Voala

1) Unframe Mafia Wars
2) Go to your Village in Italy
3) Paste this into your address bar:


Do this after you collect your properties(only works 1 post from 1 city properties for 23 hours)

Release Notes 1/29/2011

1.  Shark Tank
The Shark Tank threshold was raised to level 600 due to an increase in overall player levels across the game.  There were not enough live targets to go around so it was reverted back to level 450.  Players get The Shark Tank Achievement when they reach Level 600. Check this  for more information.
2.  Hollow Warriors
Hollow Warriors have arrived! Visit the Free Gifts page and smuggle some loot today.  5 Hollow Warriors can be opened once a day. Don't miss your chance to get the Island Hopper which has stats of 74/118!

3.  Fight Club
Recent changes were made to the Fight Club.  A second Fighter's Energy Refill was added based on player response. Check this Zynga Forum Board Thread for more information.

 4.  Crack The Safe
Get your hands on the vehicle Warp Speed (97/52) by cracking the safe. Find instructions on your Home Page and get Crackin'!
5.  The 2 Minute Hustle
Get to the Zynga Forum Boards on Jan 31st at 3pm PST for your chance to win Limited Edition loot and a Fast and Furious DVD collection. Instructions can be found HERE

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Crack The Safe

Complete four steps to master Crack the Safe and build a powerful Mafia empire.
1) Install Game
2) Like Mafia Wars on Facebook
3) Get 5 friends to join your Mafia
4) Publish request

 Publish request


Enlist New Recruits


2 Minute Hustle on 01/31/2011

Heads up, Mafia Wars Fans! Get ready for the next 2-Minute Hustle, happening this Monday, January 31st, PROMPTLY at 3:00pm PST!

Here’s a refresher on how to play - a Mafia Wars trivia question will be posted in a new thread in the Mafia Wars Discussion forum and will be available for only 2 minutes. The first 50 correct responses in the trivia question thread will be awarded with a cool in-game prize. When you respond, please make sure to double-check your answer for accuracy and spelling!

This time, we'll be giving away 5 limited edition Locksmiths to the first 50 people who respond with the correct answer. In addition, to commemorate the new Fast and Furious themed items at the Marketplace, we’re giving away copies of the Fast and Furious DVD collection to the first 5 winners! Visit the Marketplace and check out the current Fast and Furious loot that’s available:

Hollow Warrior

The Hollow Warrior is like the Time Capsule Event. 
You can accept 5 Hollow Warrior each 18 hours. 
Available from   27.01.2011

New Free Gift List


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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Golden Poison Frog Stats

A stat discrepancy for the Golden Poison Frog has taken place in Mafia Wars. To bring clarification to this issue the correct attack and defense stats for the loot drop item are: 30 Attack and 75 Defense. The correct stats are properly displayed in the inventory section. To locate the correct Golden Poison Frog statistics in the inventory section, use the text filter and search for "Golden Poison Frog." The Mafia Team apologizes for this discrepancy and any inconvenience this problem may have created. Thanks for your understanding.


Plant the Mole Part 1 Mission: Complete 3 Operations

A problem has been identified with the MISSION: Plant the Mole: Part 1. The requirements of this mission are to start and complete 3 Operations and loot 15 Black Briefcases from the New York Consigliere Job: Move Stolen Merchandise. A completion problem currently exists which is preventing players from gaining credit for successfully completing operations. The development team is aware of this issue and expects to have a correction for this problem shortly. Once corrected players will rightfully earn mission progress for 'Plant the Mole: Part 1' when 3 operations have been initiated and completed. Thanks for your understanding while this problem is addressed.

Release Notes 1/26/2011

1.  Italy Regions 6-8 
Regions 6,7, & 8 have arrived!  Head to Calabria, Città del Vaticano, and the Eternal city for new jobs and rewards.

2.  Fight Club Updated
Fight Club has been updated!  Get back in the action and check out the new strong loot you can purchase from the Fight Club tab in the marketplace.
3.  New Fighting Loot
Fights now drop updated loot.  Go head to head with your rivals and look for great new rewards when you win.

New Loot Available from Fight Club