Saturday, January 29, 2011

Release Notes 1/29/2011

1.  Shark Tank
The Shark Tank threshold was raised to level 600 due to an increase in overall player levels across the game.  There were not enough live targets to go around so it was reverted back to level 450.  Players get The Shark Tank Achievement when they reach Level 600. Check this  for more information.
2.  Hollow Warriors
Hollow Warriors have arrived! Visit the Free Gifts page and smuggle some loot today.  5 Hollow Warriors can be opened once a day. Don't miss your chance to get the Island Hopper which has stats of 74/118!

3.  Fight Club
Recent changes were made to the Fight Club.  A second Fighter's Energy Refill was added based on player response. Check this Zynga Forum Board Thread for more information.

 4.  Crack The Safe
Get your hands on the vehicle Warp Speed (97/52) by cracking the safe. Find instructions on your Home Page and get Crackin'!
5.  The 2 Minute Hustle
Get to the Zynga Forum Boards on Jan 31st at 3pm PST for your chance to win Limited Edition loot and a Fast and Furious DVD collection. Instructions can be found HERE