Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mafia Wars Italy Regions 6-8: 411, Factoids, and FAQ


There are 3 New Regions in Italy - Calabria, Citta del Vaticano, and The Eternal City.
The only new property - Nightclub
Property - Exclusive Part, Region (Job)
Nightclub - DJ, Calabria (Set Up Your Nightclub)
Region(Job) - Job consumable required
Calabria (Rig the Vote for Local Governor) - Smart Phone
Calabria (Set Up Your Nightclub) - Smart Phone
Citta Del Vaticano (Blow Up a Hole in the Vatican Wall) - Hidden Charges
Citta Del Vaticano (Scale the Vatican Wall) - Smart Phone
Citta Del Vaticano (Procure a Roman Sewer Map) - Cooked Books
Citta Del Vaticano (Locate the Secret Archive Vault) - Hidden Charges
The Eternal City (Infiltrate Rafael Di Rossi's Spy Network) - Smart Phone
The Eternal City (Meet a Traitor) - Smart Phone 
The Eternal City (Smuggle in Explosives) - Hidden Charges
The Eternal City (Demolish Di Rossi's Villa) - Hidden Charges
Region(Job) - Job consumable produced
Roma (Intercept a Handoff in the Colisseum) - Severed Pinky
Roma (Assassinate a Corrupt City official) - Severed Pinky
Palermo (Track Down Don Adriano) - Rail Pass
Milano (Free a Professional Assassin) - Smart Phone
Milano (Blackmail A Track Official) - Cooked Books
Milano (Interrogate A Lackey) - Cooked Books
Napoli (Snag a Lucrative Disposal Contract) - Hidden Charges
Calabria (Set Up Your Nightclub) - DJ
Region - Job items needed
Calabria - Bribed Official, XC48 Superboat, Rabbia SMG, Bolo Bizetti
Citta Del Vaticano - Tranq Pistol, RDX, Vatican Cart, Cassock
The Eternal City - Guanti, Gioni Alfo, XC48 Superboat, Bribed Officials, RDX
Region - Loot Drops (non-giftable)
Calabria - Rex Enterra (V), Arriverderci (W), Angelo Della Morte (W), Meadow Viper(An), Asconini 33(V), Italian Porcupine (An), Giove Velocita(V)
Citta Del Vaticano - Popemobile (V), Templar Hammer (W), Templar Shield (A), Giove Velocita (V), Pontiff-1 (V), Holy Hand Grenade (W), Swiss Guard (A)
The Eternal City - Guanti (A), Spaghetti Western (W), Armatura Ramarro (A), Swiss Guard (A), Marco Marino AF (V), Roman Legion (W), Sea Eagle (An)
Region - Boss, Mastery Item
Calabria - Don Messino, Messino's Pistol (W)
Citta Del Vaticano - Commandant Ebersold, Sword of St. Godfrey (W)
The Eternal City - Don Rafael Di Rossi, Di Rossi's Assassin (A)
Factoid: There are 4 tiers of Mastery (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Ruby). Each Region will have 2-3 paths (Energy, Fight, Social).
Factoid: You do not need master all paths to finish a tier. Beating a boss will automatically advance you to a fully unmastered map on the next tier. If you want the skill points from completing jobs in other paths, be sure to complete those jobs before mastering the tier.
Factoid: You can request help on a Social Job every 12 hours
Factoid: Some job consumables will be harder to obtain and may require doing multiple jobs (like New York City required Concealable Camera Loot as a consumable requirement for the job that produced Blackmail Photos) You will need Cooked Books (from Milano) to do the job (in Napoli) that produces Hidden Charges.
Factoid: Job consumables are designed to be obtainable from certain jobs in Regions 1-5. Yes, this means you will have to repeat jobs in Regions 1-5 to complete jobs in Regions 6-8
Factoid: Factoid, like Vegas, job consumables, property parts, collection items, and loot drops will occur and random and at varying rarities. Job consumables will drop from specific jobs. Specific loot drops will only drop in specific regions.
Factoid: All DJs currently in inventory will be removed prior to the release of Regions 6-8. These are unreleased items.
Factoid: Jobs in Regions 6-8 will produce less Lira than Jobs in Regions 1-5.
Factoid: Regions 6-8 will have more social jobs than Regions 1-5
Factoid: Jobs in Regions 6-8 will have higher energy requirements on average than Regions 1-5.