Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fight List Update

Head's up, Mafia Wars fans - We're updating our fight lists! What this means for you is that you’ll now be put into fight groups with players who are at a closer level with you, so you can be more competitive in fighting. This revamp of the fight lists will mostly affect higher level players. Take a look at the sample of the updated fight groups and see who you’ll be up against:
In addition to this update, we've also added a new achievement. You'll be able to earn the Shark Tank achievement and a skill point once you win 10 fights after you reach level 1000 in your game. For those of you who are already above level 1000 and have won 10 fights, the Shark Tank achievement and skill point will be granted retroactively.
There’s never been more incentive to keep leveling up and winning your fights. Remember, there’s strength in numbers, so be sure to keep growing your mafia family as well and you’ll get the achievement in no time. Head to Mafia Wars today and take on some new opponents!