Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Release Notes 1/25/2011

Release Notes
1.  Fast and Furious Marketplace Promotion
For a limited time starting on Tuesday January 25th at 12:01am PST, a new set of vehicles will be available for purchase in the Marketplace inspired from the "Fast and Furious" movie. Whether you're into the classic power of a muscle car or the sleek designs and technology of the import tuner, we're sure you'll find a car that can get you through a quarter mile in 10 seconds or less!

2.  Italy Regions 6-8 information released
Customer Support released a series of factoids about the new Italy Regions on the Italy Regions 6-8 Preview Week page.
3. Promotion Pop-Up Changed

4. Cast Your Vote Update
Over 1 million players have voted for what they would like to see in the game. Don't forget to cast your vote before it's too late.
5.  Player Survey 
A survey was released asking players for their opinions on aspects of the game.
6.  Information on Zynga's latest program RewardVille was released
Players will be able to purchase Mafia Wars Loot items using zCoins which are earned for playing all the Zynga Games.

7.  Shoulder Mounted Cannon 
A new Limited Time weapon was added to the Weapons Depot.

8.  Limited Time Marketplace Items 
The Rattler and Antiquity were available for a Limited Time purchase in the Marketplace.
9.  New Items added to The Stuffed Crates
10.  New Achievement Added 
The Shark Tank Achievement was added to the Achievements list.
11.  New City and Contract Missions added
14 brand new Missions were added to the existing pool of Missions.

14.  Loyalty Program changes 
Tiers were added to the Loyalty Program and the Loyalty Program Mastery Bar was changed.
15.  The Mafia Wars Fan Page continues to give free Skill Points
Make sure you visit everyday so you don't miss out.  Go to the "Love It!" tab to get yours!