Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Italy Regions 6-8 Preview Week

Rumors are being spread by the Mafia throughout Italy, from Roma to Napoli.  They whisper in anticipation of upcoming new Regions.  They speculate about new jobs and new loot. 
You've waited patiently for three months.  During this time, you've seen a new New York property - Private Zoo, the introduction of Operations and Missions, various limited time events, a new Challenge Mission, an updated layout for the Home and Inventory Pages, and the Grand Opening of Trader Goh's Pawn Shop.  And now, it's time to complete Italy.  This week is officially Italy Regions 6-8 Preview Week. 
Each day (afternoon PST), we will reveal various factoids about Italy Regions 6-8.  In addition, we will be running a survey all week and a contest that starts Friday and runs throughout the weekend.  The winner of the contest will receive 10 free rare loot items from the most popular region chosen in the survey.
Without further ado ...
Monday Factiods
The three Region names are Calabria, Citta del Vaticano, and The Eternal City.
There is one new Property - Nightclub.
The three Bosses are Don Messino, Commandant Ebersold, and Don Rafael Di Rossi.

Tuesday Factoids
6 New Weapons - 4 uncommons, 2 superiors
4 New Armors - 3 uncommons, 1 rare
6 New Vehicles - 2 uncommons, 4 rares
2 New Animals - 2 superiors

Wednesday Factoids
15 Energy jobs (+1 Property Job)
4 Social jobs (can progress with help from your mafia)
8 Fight Jobs (uses stamina)
3 Bosses
Consumables needed - Smart Phones, Hidden Charges, Cooked Books (where to find these consumables?  Read here)

Thursday Factoids
Region 6 (Weapon, Ultimate) - Messino's Pistol
Bronze 115/85
Silver 135/96
Gold 155/107
Ruby 175/118
Region 7 (Weapon, Ultimate) - 
Bronze 88/129
Silver 99/150
Gold 110/171
Ruby 121/192
Region 8 (Armor, Ultimate) -
Bronze 114/94
Silver 166/104
Gold 188/114
Ruby 210/124
Friday Factoids
Region 8 jobs = 5 energy jobs, 2 social jobs, 2 fight jobs
Demolish Di Rossi’s Villa
Escape From Rome Police
Gain Access To Private Villa
Infiltrate Rafael Di Rossi’s Spy Network
Meet A Traitor
Set A Trap For Di Rossi’s Top Capo
Shoot Up The Don's Country Estate
Smuggle in Explosives
Tip Off The Rome Police
Uncommons - Armatura Motocicletta (A), Armatura Ramarro (A), Spaghetti Western (W)
Rares - Swiss Guard (A), Marco Marino AF (V)
Superiors - (W), (An)
Do you think you can guess the categories and order of the jobs in Region 8, The Eternal City, correctly?  Submit your entry below and the first play to guess correctly wins 10 of the Superior items.

Monday (24th) - Official Mafia Wars Italy Regions 6-8: 411, Factoids, and FAQ