Thursday, July 7, 2011

Family Mastery Event: Death By Ice Winners

Hey Mobsters! Thanks for participating in the fierce nine-day competition, Family Mastery Event: Death By Ice, which was a preliminary test of family-focused events. After performing an audit of the results, the top 10 Families are:

Place/Rank Family Ices Achieved During
Family Mastery Event: Death By Ice
1 ƒ๏ям๏ѕÂ 歡樂ƒůn團 881,248
2 Mafia Wars Gods 784,193
3 Assassin-a-Nators 621,940
4 Another Primate Entity 524,588
5 Hungarian's Arrows 196,398
6 Top Family 111,996
7 Strength in Numbers 101,096
8 Loot Collectors 98,409
9 ●яο●╬●яσмάήĩά● 94,695
10 Tactical Support Group 88,881

Two-Headed Snake

Mastery Prize for 1st - 3rd Place
Two-Headed Snake!
We look forward to holding more family-based events in the future and would appreciate receiving your feedback in this forum thread so that we may consider it in the development process. Until next time, we'll see you in Mafia Wars!
info from Official Mafia Wars Blog