Saturday, July 16, 2011

This & Next Week - 7/15/2011


Released This Week
Ice Seasons
Earn reputation badges and new mastery items each week by icing opponents in Ice Seasons!
New Family Features
We continue to enhance the Family Module with a bunch of new features!
The Return Of The Raven
The Raven returns! Ice players on the fight list to pick up the Assassin’s trail. He’s very hard to find, but when you get close you'll discover special Ammo with which to fight him.
Stamina Packs
You asked for them, so we made them! Send stamina packs via the Free Gifts page for a limited time!
Brazil Ruby Level Loot Mastery Event
Finished your Brazil districts to Ruby Mastery? Go back and complete Brazil jobs in any ruby-tiered district to earn new red-hot loot!
New Fight Club Loot
8 new Fight Club loot items are now available in the Marketplace!
Old Items Made Giftable
Over 340 previously non-giftable, non-unique items with attack or defense of 65 or less can now be sent to members of your Mafia via your Inventory!
New Fight Loot
4 new items are dropping from fights!

Coming Next Week*
*As far as is currently scheduled, but things can change.
New Mission Event: Ties That Bind
You’re taking on a newly-elected state governor in Brazil. Keep your head down and power through a major smear campaign to earn a Glamour Helmet (62/150).
Family Chat 2.0
New features are on the way, including in-chat family member player updates and popping up the chat window.
Collector's Edition Item: Daylight Savings
Never lose another hour of your life again.