Friday, July 8, 2011

Coming Soon: Upgraded Request Window

Info from Official Mafia Wars Blog

New Request Window MockupWe’re excited to announce that the Request window, which is used to send & ask for gifts, ask for help with Missions, ask your Mafia members to join your Brazil City Crew, etc., will soon receive an upgrade to make requesting help from your Mafia easier than ever! Here are the changes coming to the Requesting experience:
A New Look: The Facebook-style list and buttons that currently appear in the Request window will be replaced to better match the look of Mafia Wars. (See image* at left.) *Note: The image is a mockup/piece of concept art. The look and features of the new Request window may change prior to release.
Select More Recipients: The maximum number of recipients you can select will increase to 50!
Fewer Clicks Required: You will now be able to check a box that allows you to skip seeing Facebook's post preview and second "Send Requests" button when you send requests to the exact same group of recipients in the future.
When you check the box and click Facebook's "Send Requests" button for the first time, the group of recipients is essentially whitelisted for future requesting without the Facebook step. You can whitelist as many groups of 1-50 people as you like, but, due to Facebook limitations, the individual members of groups you whitelist are NOT whitelisted on their own. This means that, when you whitelist groups (and even individuals), you will have to remember to select exactly the same group of recipients in the future to be able to send requests without having to see and click Facebook's post preview and second "Send Requests" button.
Facebook Request Window
Details About the Roll-out
We're eager to give everyone the upgraded Requesting window, but we regrettably need to roll it out slowly to ensure stability. We've already released it to a randomly-selected 10% of all Mafia Wars players, and we expect to roll it out to 100% of players within the next few weeks. Also, while the Request window appears in all the places mentioned earlier, the upgraded Request window will initially only appear when you request Brazil Crew. You will know you've been added to the new Request window experiment, then, when you return to the game and discover that your Brazil Crew Request window looks more like the one pictured above.