Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Family Chat 2.0

Info from Official Mafia Wars Blog
Tired of losing wars because you’re logged off? Now you’ll be able to get instant help from your Family with the new and improved instant messaging.
Family Chat now includes 10 types of player updates from your Family that link directly to notifications like wars, operations, or gifts needed. Updates appear in 3 different colors: red for help, green for sharing rewards, and blue for requesting items.

The following player updates will appear in Family Chat:
• Declare War
• Asking for help when an opponent has declared war on you
• Operations
• Adding a rival to Hitlist
• Help for Social Job
• Level Up rewards
• Operations rewards
• Requests for Properties parts
• Requests for Energy Packs
• Requests for Collection items
You can now also pop out your chats into a separate window to view your updates and communicate with your Family easily without missing a beat in the game. The chat histories of up to five different people are saved so you can keep up with what Family members were saying while you were away. You can also choose which notices you want to appear in player updates.
Family Chat Settings
Family Chat is available* only to players who are in a Family. So, if you're not part of a Family, join one today and stay up to date on your gossip.
*We are slowly rolling out this feature to ensure stability within the game, so it may not be available to all Family members immediately.