Saturday, July 30, 2011

Farmers Insurance Loot Mastery Event

Info from Official Mafia Wars Blog:

Farmers Insurance Loot Mastery Event
Being a mobster is risky business. Collect insurance items to protect your assets in the Farmers Insurance Loot Mastery Event!

Collect Insurance
Find Farmers items dropped from jobs and fighting. Collect a full set of seven to earn the mastery item, XXXXX. There are four levels of mastery.
Send Boosts
Send 2 types of boosts: Protection Money to help collect Farmers items from fighting and Lightning Defense to help collect items from jobs.
Send Spare Items
All the Farmers items you collect have attack and defense strength. You can only keep 10 of each item, though, so be sure to send extras to your Mafia to ensure that they are also insured.
Enter The Farmers Sweeps
Visit the Farmers Insurance Facebook fan page for a chance to win a Wiseguy Weekend in Las Vegas!