Friday, July 15, 2011

Stamina Packs FAQ


Sta-sta-sta-stamina packs have arrived!
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Q: What are stamina packs?
A: Stamina packs will refill your stamina back to 100% instantly. You can use one pack every 16 hours. You can send stamina packs to your Mafia from the homepage banner or from the free gifts page. 
Q: Do stamina packs function like energy packs? Can I store them?
A: No. Once you accept a stamina pack from your Zynga or Facebook requests, it will be used immediately. If you have already accepted a stamina pack within 16 hours or already have full stamina, you will receive a Mystery Boost gift instead.
Q: Are stamina packs available to everyone?
A:  No. We will release the feature to 90% of users initially. We want to make sure that this feature functions in the way that it is intended and doesn’t create instability. You will be able to receive stamina packs from friends if you are not part of the initial experiment, but you will be unable to send stamina packs back to them.
Q:  When will this feature be available to all players?
A:  This feature will be rolled out slowly to our players to ensure the best experience possible.
Q: How long will the stamina pack feature last?
A: Stamina packs are currently a limited-time feature. 
Q: How is a stamina pack different from stamina refill?
A: Stamina packs are sent to and from players through the free gifts page. You can only use one stamina pack every 16 hours. You may purchase stamina refills in the Marketplace. There is no time limit to stamina refills and you cannot send them as gifts to your Mafia.