Wednesday, July 13, 2011

SMS for Mafia Wars Discontinued

Info form Zynga Customer Support

Sadly, after more than a year in service, Mafia Wars is discontinuing SMS notification for mobile phones. Thank you for your support. 
Q: Why was there no notification that you’re shutting it down?
A: We included an alert at the start of every Mafia Wars text message on July 12.
Q: When will you turn off SMS?
A: We are scheduled to discontinue text message notifications on July 13.
Q: What happens to my progress?
A: There will be no change to your in-game progress. Your stats will remain the same. If you earned achievements from using the SMS service, you will still have them. 
Q: Will I be given any compensation or credits for the shutdown? 
A: Unfortunately, no. 
Q: Why has Mafia Wars decided to drop this feature?
A: We have chosen to discontinue text message notifications due to the low volume of support from our players for this feature.