Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Silver Coins have a low chance of dropping from the Pub Patrons (Mafia Wars2)


We have heard from many Mafia Wars 2 players who are playing through our newest missions, and there are some questions about the missions.  Their questions take the form of "I'm not getting Silver Coins when I fight Patrons" or "Where are the Leprechauns?".
   The two missions, "Pubbin' for Profit" and "Chasing the Leprechauns", have low percentage drop rates for Coins.
When you fight the Drunk or Unruly Patrons, there is only a 20% chance of getting a Silver Coin to drop and get progress in the mission.
There is only a 20% chance that a Leprechaun will only appear from the Pub, but when they do, you will always get a Gold Coin from them.
   These are not quick missions. They should take a few days, and a good deal of Energy.  Every 5 minutes you can harvest the Pub to get another chance with a Patron or Leprechaun.
With the Mission running for a total of 15 days, you should be able to complete it in the time alotted if you are patient.
We hope this clears up the ambiguity about these missions.