Thursday, March 22, 2012

How Mafia Wars Players Made a Difference to the Japanese Tsunami & Earthquake Victims Lives!


Hey Mobsters,
Direct Relief International has sent Mafia Wars players and Zynga a heartfelt thank you for the contribution made to the relief fund during the Japan Tsunami and Earthquake. Here is a compiled video that shows how grateful they are to your contribution and the difference you have made in each one of their lives.
Behind the Scene - When the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, the Zynga team began considering how they can help and contribute to the cause.
Zynga Mafia Wars and Direct Relief International teamed up to help the people affected in Japan. A Limited edition item, a Japanese fan, was created and 100% of proceeds of every purchase were contributed for the relief fund.
Artists and Developers worked through the night and until the moment of release preparing the new limited edition item ( It was a huge effort, and they managed to get this live in just over 24 hours!  The quick turnaround allowed the Mafia Wars Team to offer this to the players who in turn participated by purchasing the limited edition and making it a success.
Kudos to You Mafia War Players!