Thursday, March 22, 2012

FAQs: Player Advisory Committee 2.0


Hey Mobsters,

As most of you know, we have set up a new Player Advisory Committee(PAC). We recently held the first meeting between some experienced & enthusiastic members of the PAC & the Mafia Wars team in what turned out to be a very productive discussion. Among other things, we spoke about how the PAC will work with Zynga. Meetings between PAC & Zynga will continue to happen once a month & where the PAC will help us better understand the pain-points & requests of the community. While having this direct channel of communication with a good mix of die-hard & long term players will help immensely in fixing smaller issues & more pertinent issues, we will always place the suggestions of the PAC in front of the larger community before we make any changes. We have also taken note of some of the questions that have been raised about the PAC & here are some FAQs (which will continue to be updated):

Q1. If someone is going to represent me, as a player, I want to know who they are and how to contact them? / What are the channels to provide feedback/suggestions to the PAC?
The PAC represents the community as a whole rather than individuals. They will draw our attention to issues that are being reported by a majority of the players if we haven’t responded to it already. Please continue to use the Mafia Wars forums, the Official blog & the Official fan-page to report all issues.

Q2. How can the players stay informed about the activities of PAC?
We will continue to post regular updates such as this one as well as surveys & discussion threads about things discussed in PAC meetings.

Q3. How can I be the member of PAC 2.0? 
There will be ample opportunities for players to be members of the PAC since membership is for tenures of 6 months. Please continue to provide insights & constructive feedback on all community channels. We will also ask the existing members to nominate players who are active on some of their blogs & fan-pages.

Q4. Will the handful of PAC members truly sample the entire MW players?
The members of the PAC have been chosen due to their understanding of the game & the community, and in some cases, run blogs & fan-pages visited by a sizeable number of Mafia Wars players. They will help us prioritize issues, concern & feedback. We will always consult the larger community through surveys & polls before making any large-scale changes to the game.

Q5. I have questions that are not answered here.
Please continue to post your questions on the forums & we will respond to them from time to time.

For our earlier announcement on the PAC, please visit this link:

The Mafia Wars Team