Saturday, March 17, 2012

Player Advisory Committee 2.0



We are excited to announce the launch of the second Mafia Wars Player Advisory Committee (PAC). The PAC comprises of a focussed group of players chosen to assist in the communication between Zynga and the Mafia Wars community. The committee consists of a few members of the erstwhile PAC as well as a some new members. Membership to the committee is for a tenure of 3-6 months, at the end of which, a few members will make way for other players to be inducted in the committee. Members will be invited to be a part of the committee over multiple tenures. This is to ensure that the PAC remains a smaller & more focussed group, while also providing a chance for more players to be a part of this initiative. 
Members of the PAC will represent the voice of the larger community & report their questions, concerns and suggestions to Zynga. This information is gathered from various sources wich include, but not limited to, the forums, the PAC members, chat conversations, facebook walls, and various other locations where players communicate with each other. The PAC will also will also help the Mafia Wars team fix bugs and glitches within the game.
Membership to the PAC is completely voluntary & the members do not receive any compensation for the time, effort and dedication that they put into helping to make Mafia Wars more enjoyable for everyone. They do not receive RP's or any other items in-game, or any privileges outside the game for being a member of the Committee. 
We welcome the members of the new committee & thank them for their time & effort in helping us in enhancing the gameplay experience of Mafia Wars.