Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Posting News Feeds, Posting Quest Bugs & Publish Errors - UPDATED


As we are still working with our partners to fully resolve your “Posting and News Feed” issues, collectively we recently added improvements to the “Friend Activity” section of the Apps & Games Dashboard we would like to share with you.

Please click here to view the feeds you may have missed and be sure to review the "edit options" section. Then, under the "Hide Post From" section verify you are not blocking any post from friends and or apps you are playing.

Additionally, we recommend that you verify that your view settings are set properly.

Still Experiencing Posting Issues?  Report via "Vote to Click". 

How does vote to click work? By clicking on "Vote to Fix", this tracks the number of customers that have been affected by the particular issue. Daily and weekly reports are sent to the Game studio with the number of the players that clicked on the button, specific to the issue. If you do not need an answer from Customer Support, we recommend you click on "Vote to Fix" as an alternative to contacting us.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience you may be experiencing when it comes to posting your news feeds, posting for your quest, or receiving publish errors when attempting to post to your friends feeds. We understand this is a core part of your game play and are actively working towards a resolution for the players effected.

To help you find game posts faster, we have compiled a list of feeds by game! You can share one of the game links from the list below with your friends to help them find your posts for your favorite game faster, enabling you to receive the items you need to complete your missions or tasks, and you can use it to help your friends with their requests, too.

Login to your Facebook account and then click one of the following links:

Adventure World
Cafe World
Empires & Allies
Hidden Chronicles
Mafia Wars
Mafia Wars 2
Pioneer Trail
Treasure Isle
Words with Friends
Zynga Poker

By using one of these game links, Facebook will filter the posts so that you will only be see the news feeds for the selected game. You can view return to your regular news feed by clicking Home (upper right corner).

Thank you,