Monday, March 12, 2012

London Caption Contest - I

Hey Mobsters,

Buckle up as you are about to face another challenge!

Here’s what you need to do win a cool 100 RPs!

Let your creative juices flow & write a caption for this image. The captions will be judged by MW team and the most creative caption wins. There will be two more images & each contest will run for 3 days.

We also have a special prize - the best caption will be featured in the game! So this is your chance, charge in!

London Caption Contest I.jpg
“Hiding your face won’t bring me back my money.”

- The first London Caption Contest starts today & entries will be accepted till 14th Mar 2012, 11.59 PM PST. We will post 3 contest images. The best caption chosen by our team will be announced winner. Each caption contest will have one winner.
- Players can post more than one caption in every contest, but the same caption SHOULD NOT be posted more than once. Spamming your entry will not be allowed & may lead to disqualification.
- Copying of other player’s entries will not be tolerated. If we find that your entry is not original, we retain the right to disqualify you at any stage during the contest!
- No insulting or making negative comments about other contest entries. This will not be allowed and may result in the disqualification of your entry.
- Please enter only your submissions on this ENTRY THREAD. No discussions about the contest will be allowed on this thread. To discuss the caption contest, POST HERE.

Click here to play the game.

Melissa Y & The Mafia Wars Team