Tuesday, March 13, 2012

London - FAQ


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The time has come for a royal smack down - Unleash the pyromaniac within.

London is Mafia War’s new location and it’s a whole new gaming and visual experience. Establish yourself in the new world order and Lord over London!

Mafia Wars - London will be available to all players at Level 25 and above starting March 13th 2012.

Q: When will the New City – London be available?
A: The new City will be available starting March 13th 2012.

Q: Do I get any Free Gifts when I start London?
A: Yes, we’re giving away 100 London Pounds when you start playing the new City.

Q: I completed Mastery of Lord over London event. When will I receive the rewards?
A: Lord Over London Event Rewards will be credited to your inventory as soon as you load the new City - London.

The rewards will be based on the tier of Mastery completed for Lord over London as shown below. In addition to the Mastery Rewards, you will also receive 100 London Pounds as an incentive to start exploring London.

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Q: I haven’t completed Mastery of Lord over London event. Will I still receive 100 Pounds when I start playing London?
: Yes, you will still receive 100 London Pounds.

Currency of London is London Pounds (£)


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Q: How many Districts are available in London?
Currently, there are 3 Districts available in London:
  • District 1 – Notes From The Underground
  • District 2 – East End Story
  • District 3 – Dead in Red
All the districts can be completed by doing jobs which consume your energy.  There are 4 Tiers to be mastered for each of the Districts – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Ruby.

Mastering the first job in each District will unlock a new Property

Consumable Items:
  • District 1 – Betting Slip, Energy Drink
  • District 2 – Jagged Edge
  • District 3 – Rubber Gloves, Disguise Mask
In addition to Consumable Items, each District has Loot Items (Weapons, Armor, Vehicles and Animals) that drop at various frequencies. While most of the Loot Items are unique to their district, some drop in multiple districts.

Q: What are the Mastery Rewards for London Districts?
You will receive a Bronze Mastery item for completing first Tier in Each District. Stats of this item will be upgraded, as you progress towards higher Mastery Levels (Up to Ruby Mastery)

District 1 – Notes From The Underground

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Bronze Mastery -Streetfighter (154/90)
Silver Mastery -Streetfighter (174/100)
Gold Mastery -Streetfighter (194/110)
Ruby Mastery -Streetfighter (214/120)

District 2 – East End Story
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Bronze Mastery - East End Lightning (102/177)
Silver Mastery - East End Lightning (112/197)
Gold Mastery - East End Lightning (122/217)
Ruby Mastery - East End Lightning (132/237)

District 3 – Dead in Red
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Bronze Mastery - British Royal (201/110)
Silver Mastery - British Royal (221/120)
Gold Mastery - British Royal (241/130)
Ruby Mastery - British Royal (261/140)


Q: What is the use of a Crew in London?
Recruit your Mafia to earn special bonuses and to help you do jobs, fights, robbing, and collect from properties with more force. Each category has 2 separate roles that can be filled once every 8 hours.  The objective is to activate all the roles to earn bonuses and protection.

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All available Friends Remain in Queue until they are activated into Category Roles. All the Bonuses/Protection will be rewarded at time of activation of Crew. Your Friends must accept London Crew requests to be added to open queue spots and once the crew request is accepted, both of you will become part of each other’s crew.

Crew Roles:

Strategist - Helps you get twice the Job Mastery for the next 20 jobs you do.
Lockpick - Helps you get twice the loot for the next 20 jobs you do.
Sniper - Eliminates the bandit and prevents him from stealing XP, Jobs and Cash.

Mercenary - Next 50 fights won’t cost any stamina thanks to your Mercenary.
Marksman - Your Marksman doubles your Attack power for next 50 fights.

Scout - Triples the rewards at the cost of double stamina for your first 3 robbing boards.
Arsonist - Guaranteed success robbing your first 3 properties for your first 3 robbing boards.

Taskmaster - Collect twice the amount from all your London properties with a taskmaster.
Guardian - Protects you from being robbed in London for the next 18 hours.


Q: What are the different properties available in London?
A: There are 3 Properties available in London as of now. Mastering the first job in each District will unlock a new Property.

District 1 – Olympic Stadium – This property generates London Pounds. You can collect from the property every 8 hours.
District 2 – East End Pub – You can build consumable loot using this property.
District 3 – Night Club – This property lets you buy exclusive items using London Pounds.

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Q: Which items do I need to upgrade the properties?
You will need the following items to upgrade the properties:
1. English Brick
2. Clay Tiles
3. Sledge Hammer
4. Plumb Line
5. Iron Girder
You can ask your friends for these items or purchase using Reward Points.


Q: What are the different collections in London?
A: As of now, there are 3 different collections in London:

Training Day Collection
Daily Wages Collection
Heel Hath No Fury Collection

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Q: How do I Vault a collection? What are the rewards?
A: You can vault various collection items dropped in London for exclusive bonus.

To be able to Vault, you need to collect all of the items required to complete the collection. Once you have collected all the required items, click on the Vault button to gain the associated bonus.

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Bonus for collections:
Training Day Collection  => Vault for +30 Health
Daily Wages Collection => Vault for +25 Attack
Heel Hath No Fury Collection => Vault for +25 Energy

Q: Can I Re-Vault the London collections?
A: No, you can vault the London Collections only once.


Q: What are the different achievements in London?
There are 12 achievements in London. You can view the status of your achievements by clicking on Profile > Achievements

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  1. Count Your Pennies - Earned by having 1 million Pounds in the bank
  2. Barmy Army - Earned by acquiring a total of 200 crew in London
  3. Jack the Ripped - Earned by winning 10000 fights in London
  4. Industrial Revolution - Earned by fully upgrading one property in London
  5. Jolly Good Show! Bronze - Earned by completing the Bronze level Mastery of Districts 1-3 in London
  6. Jolly Good Show! Silver - Earned by completing the Silver level Mastery of Districts 1-3 in London
  7. Jolly Good Show! Gold - Earned by completing the Gold level Mastery of Districts 1-3 in London
  8. Jolly Good Show! Ruby - Earned by completing the Ruby level Mastery of Districts 1-3 in London
  9. Oliver Twisted  - Earned by robbing 1000 times in London
  10. Street Fighting Man - Earned by completing the Ruby level Mastery of District 1 in London
  11. East is East - Earned by completing the Ruby level Mastery of District 2 in London
  12. Knightclub in Shining Armor - Earned by completing the Ruby level Mastery of District 3 in London