Thursday, July 14, 2011

Assassin: The Raven Returns....FAQ


Assassin Boss Fight: The Raven
He's baaaaack! Ice players on the fight list to pick up The Raven’s trail. He’s very hard to track down, but when you get close you'll discover special Ammo with which to fight him. The more you ice other players in fights, the greater your chances of catching a glimpse of him in the form of this banner in your fight list:
Ice To Find The Assassin
Keep icing opponents and you may actually get the opportunity to fight this maniac, which is presented in the form of this banner in your fight list:
An Opportunity To Fight The Raven
Once you encounter the Assassin, you will have 8 hours to clip this raven's wings using the Knife Slash, Bloody Knuckles, & Crack Of The Bat boss fight Ammos plus the new Sniper Shot! These Ammos drop from jobs, fights, robbing, & ices, respectively. Unlike the Shotgun Blast that the Sniper Shot replaces in Assassin Boss Fights*, the Sniper Shot is NOT giftable. The only way to get those is from icing, which works out because you won't even get a chance to cook The Raven's goose unless you lure him to you by icing other players. If you fail to defeat The Raven within 8 hours after you've started the fight, he will retreat to heal for 3 days, after which you will be able to pick up his trail once again.
*Note: The new Sniper Shot is an Ammo used exclusively in Assassin Boss Fights. The Shotgun Blast will no longer be available for use in Assassin Boss Fights, but any previously collected Shotgun Blasts will remain in your inventory and will be accessible in future non-Assassin Boss Fights.

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The Assassin has returned, so get ready to hunt him down

Q: How do I find the Assassin?
A: Ice opponents from the fight list. The Assassin is almost always in stealth mode, so be patient and keep icing. When you pick up his trail, a banner will appear on the fight page notifying you that you are close. Keep icing.
Q: How do I fight the Assassin?
A: Once you pick up the Assassin’s trail, Ammo to fight the Assassin will start to drop from jobs, fights, robbing, and icing.
Q: Are the Ammos (consumables) the same as other boss fights?
A: A new Ammo, Sniper Shots, will drop from icing. Sniper shots replace the shotgun blasts for that you use in other boss fights for Assassin fights only. 
The other ammos remain the same. Knife slashes, knuckle punches, and crack of the bat will drop from jobs, fights, and robbing, respectively.
Q: How long does it take to find the Assassin? 
A: Finding the Assassin is extremely difficult because he’s stealthy. You’ll need to ice many players to hunt him down and it may take days. There is no time limit to find him.
Q: How will I know when I find the Assassin?
A: Once you have tracked down the Assassin, he will appear in the fight list, on the homepage banner, and on the operations page.
Q: How long do I have to fight the Assassin? 
A: Once he appears on the fight list, you have 8 hours to kill him. During this 8-hour period, he will not heal.
Q: Do I need stamina to fight the Assassin?
A: No. You will need to use the Ammos – knife slashes, knuckle punches, crack of the bats, and sniper shots to attack the Assassin.
Q: Are there special combos for the Assassin fight?
A: Yes. Use the correct order of four Ammos in a row to unlock special combos. The yellow and green C-C-Combos are the same for all players. However, there are 6 different red combos to fight the Assassin. This means that the red combo that works for you may not the same for your friends.
Q: What do I get for beating the Assassin?
A: Those who defeat the Assassin will receive the ultimate armor Assassin’s Jacket (170 attack, 100 defense).
Q: Can I fight the Assassin again immediately after I beat him?
A: No. There is a three-day waiting period before you can find his trail again and hunt him down.