Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another Fighting Performance Update!

Info from Official Mafia Wars Blog

Fighting Performance UpdatesWe’ll soon make an adjustment to the fighting module that should result in an improved fighting experience! The fix decreases the likelihood of the game locking up while you are in the heat of battle and reduces the glitchiness of the feedback that aggressive fighters receive when clicking the “Power Attack” button in rapid succession. These issues are addressed by batching Power Attacks to achieve better performance.
When the fighting system begins batching, you will notice it less frequently report the damage you inflict, but the numbers it does report will be larger to reflect the combined damage of multiple Power Attacks. Don't worry, you'll be able to inflict as much damage as before, if not more!
We are pleased to release this fix as part of our ongoing effort to improve the speed and stability of Mafia Wars. As with all new features, however, not everyone will receive this version of fighting at the same time and there's a chance that it will change again - back to the way it was, or to another experience entirely.