Friday, February 4, 2011

Release Notes 2/2/2011

1.  Limited Time 8 hr Energy Packs
Starting now and going on thru Valentine's Day, Mafia Wars is proud to spread a little love. We have decreased the energy pack timers from 24hrs to 8hrs, so use the little extra to complete those extra Italy region jobs.
2.  Fight List Revamp
We are looking to revamp the fight list and need your feedback. Go to this Forum Board post to see images of what we are working on.  More importantly, leave some feedback so we can tailor it to what the players want most.
3.  New Lucky Stash Bonus Items
We've added 10 new exclusive items in the Lucky Stash slot bonus wheel. Take it for a spin and try your luck.
4.  Healing Improvements
We are slowly adding a new option to healing. Heal in all destinations using New York cash!!! Be on the lookout for this option as it is rolling out now!
5.  My Recruits Update
Now there is even more incentive to enlist new recruits. The loot item rewards have improved. If your recruit gets to level 25, you get a Master (48/60) and your recruit get a Apprentice (29/47).
6.  Job Currency
Currency will now be taken directly from the bank when performing jobs that require it.  It is no longer necessary to make withdraws.
7.  Fighting Achievements
The fighting achievements shown below have been removed from the Fight Club and will now be rewarded automatically once you reach the designated level of Fight Mastery
8.  Private Zoo Limited Time Item
There is a new limited time item available in the Private Zoo. The Amur Leopard has stats of 69/34. To unlock and craft this item, you need 10 Raw Meat "parts".