Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Save Don’s Dinner

Reprinted from Official Mafia Wars Blog:
Save Don's Dinner
The Don is nostalgic for those big family gatherings and his mama’s roast turkey, so he’s invited you to Thanksgiving, but he needs more birds. Collect enough (25) turkeys - steal them from opponents' ice-cold hands if you have to - and he’ll reward you with a powerful item: his right-hand man, the Butler (155/95 at Ruby level). You start with 5 turkeys. After that, additional turkeys can be acquired by:

Requesting from your Mafia: You can receive up to 20 turkeys per day from requests to your friends; each request makes 5 turkeys available to be claimed by friends.
Earning from Jobs: You can earn up to 20 turkeys per day as loot dropped from doing jobs.
Stealing in Fights: If you can steal turkeys in fights, you can also lose turkeys in fights. (Keep reading to learn about the offensive tools and defensive measures you can take.) The fowl goes to the winner. You can steal up to 20 turkeys a day from others by winning battles and the sky’s the limit on turkeys won through icing.
Purchasing from the Marketplace: 10 turkeys for 10RP!
Turkey Protection: Protecting Your Birds
Turkey Protection guards your turkeys against theft for a limited time (5 minutes). You can gain them from your Mafia (max of 20 Turkey Protections received via requests per day) or purchased in quantities of 5 for 5RP or 10 for 8RP. Automatically depleted when you are attacked or iced.
Turkey Vision: Finding Birds Of An Unprotected Feather
While players with turkeys are visible without it, Turkey Vision can be used to see which players have turkeys that can be stolen – those that are unprotected or have low protection. 15 minutes of Turkey Vision can be purchased in the marketplace for 10RP.
The Save Don’s Dinner event has already begun and ends at 11:59pm (Pacific Time) on Wednesday, November 30th. You will be able to continue to purchase and redeem turkeys through December 7th. Good luck in your attempt to Save Don’s Dinner!