Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Not getting crafting credit in the mission "More Guns" (Mafia Wars2)


We're aware of some confusion regarding the Stiletto mission "More Guns".  Players say that they have crafted some of the Handgun B32s, but they aren't getting mission credit for them.
The misunderstading is that you must have 6 of the handguns in your inventory, not merely crafting them. You can craft the guns, or pay to get them in the mission window.  Either method will add them to your inventory and raise the mission tally.

After you make 2 of the Handgun B32s, that will allow you to craft the next weapon the Silenced B32, but you shouldn't do this. If you lose two from inventory to craft it, you won't get credit for the mission.

B32 Guns

You should craft 6 Handgun B32s to complete the mission, then do other actions.
We hope that this clears up the matter for you.
--The Mafia Wars 2 Support Team.