Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Right Between the Eyes" mission asks you for Smart Bullet 3 powerups (Mafia Wars 2)


The Mission "Right Between the Eyes" asks you to Snipe the tower guards on Boxer Island. Some players, during this mission, get a message that they need a Smart Bullet 3 powerup.
The mission briefing window leaves out the detail that you need to have 4 of the Smart Bullet 3 powerups in your inventory. As you pick off each of the guards, one of the powerups is removed from your inventory.
To finish this mission properly, make sure you have the required Smart Bullet 3 powerups in your inventory. You do not need to have the powerups activated to complete the mission.
The mission briefing window will soon be changed to reflect this discrepancy.
Thanks for your patience!
--The Mafia Wars 2 Support Team