Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Leaderboards will be resetting on December 1 (Mafia Wars2)


This is a bit of a 'heads up' notice, that the Leaderboards for our fighting arenas will be resetting on Thursday, December 1.
On this date, your tally of accumulated Tokens on the Leaderboards will be reset to 0. This will happen for all players. You should plan ahead so that you can get ahead, and stay ahead, of your friends!
Your current amount of earned Tokens (the amount listed in the upper-right part of the screen) will not be affected.
On that same date, the rewards for the Leaderboards will be changed, so there will be new things for you to compete for.
Remember, you can always click on the little "skull chalice" icon next to the arena name in order to see the time left in the monthly tournament.
--The Mafia Wars 2 Support Team