Thursday, November 10, 2011

An 'Inventory Full' message upon placing a building on your Home Turf (Mafia Wars 2)


When you buy and place a building on your Home Turf, you may get a message that says, 'Inventory Full'. Why does this happen?
Right now, a problem exists with the game's inventory system. Decorations and Buildings share the same inventory spaces, even though they are on different tabs. When the Decorations category is full (24/24 in the upper right), it triggers this "Inventory Full" message.
The good news is there is a workaround. You just need to place a decoration down on your turf before you buy and place the new building.
Keeping a few spaces open in your decorations tab will allow you to place new buildings down for a while.
The issue with Decorations and Buildings sharing inventory space is well-known to us, and we will fix it soon. Use the above workaround until that time comes.
Thanks for your patience!