Saturday, November 5, 2011

Introducing 5v5 Fighting and a New Zone - Dead End! (Mafia Wars 2)

Hey Crew! We're excited to unveil some great new features today! Along with lots of fixes and changes we made earlier this week (you can read about them in the release notes), we've also launched:

  • The Armory - a building that increases your inventory space for armor, weapons, and vehicles
  • 5v5 Fighting - gear up 5 of your friends to go head to head against your rivals and their friends
  • Dead End - the new 5v5 zone and arena with an awesome shop full of killer equipment you can buy with the new Victory Tokens!
The Armory
Make sure you place your Armory if you haven't already! The Armory is a building for your Home Turf that unlocks at level 6. You can upgrade your Armory when you reach levels 9, 16, 24, and 32. Each upgrade gives you space for 5 more weapons, 5 more pieces of armor, and 5 more vehicles!

You can click on the Armory to easily see which armors, weapons, and vehicles you are equipping your friends with when you fight in the new 5v5 arena, Dead End.

You'll find the Armory in the Special section of the Buildings in the Marketplace. Place the Armory on your turf and click on it to get started!

5v5 Fighting
Once you've placed your Armory, you can outfit your friends with your extra gear (or buy better gear for them in the Marketplace!). Set them up with weapons, armor, and vehicles. Your final 5v5 fighting stats are a combination of the equipment you use and the equipment you supply for your 5 friends, making you a formidable opponent in Dead End,the new 5v5 zone. The better their equipment, the stronger you are! Winning fights in Dead End will award you Victory Tokens which can be used to purchase special items in the Dead End store (check out those scythes!). Any Victory Tokens you earn each month will be added to your score on the Leaderboard.

Dead End
Get ready for some zombified action in Dead End, a creepy haunted carnival that's sure to raise your hair - and your weapons! Dom is back from the dead and wants you to help get revenge on the witch who raised him. It's up to you to put him back in the ground where he belongs! Fight killer clowns, werewolves, cult members, and more as you work to return Dom to the grave - while reaping great rewards!