Thursday, November 10, 2011

5 New Levels of Family Progression!


Reprinted from Official Mafia Wars Blog:

5 New Levels of Family Progression
We're excited to announce 5 new levels of Family Progression, each with a new perk! You'll find the new levels 11 - 15 at the bottom of this complete chart:
LevelFamily XPPerk
10Family Progression - Level 1Ambitious I
Restore energy 5% faster. Store +1 energy pack (6 total).
250,000Family Progression - Level 2Well Connected
Get 4 hired guns per request for 501 Mafia, +500 Mafia ATT/+500 DEF, and 10% less damage in losses.
3100,000Family Progression - Level 3Industrious
Upgrade faster with one less construction part of each type needed, 5% chance to loot 2X parts.
4225,000Family Progression - Level 4Grudge Holder
Add 10 more players to your Family Rivals list. Get extra loot from helping in Operations.
5500,000Family Progression - Level 5Ambitious II
Restore energy 10% faster. Store +1 energy pack (7 total).
61,000,000Family Progression - Level 6Overkill
Do more damage from Power attacks, get +500 Mafia ATT/+500 DEF, and 20% less damage in losses.
72,250,000Family Progression - Level 7Craftsman
10% chance to loot 2X Property parts.
85,000,000Family Progression - Level 8Loot And Pillage
Get extra loot when you help in Wars. Add 10 more players to Family Rivals list.
910,000,000Family Progression - Level 9Ambitious III
Restore energy 15% faster. Store +1 energy pack (8 total).
1022,500,000Family Progression - Level 10Scrapper
Restore stamina 10% faster. Cut timer by 2 hours to Declare War every 6 hours. Get +500 Mafia ATT/+500 DEF.
1132,500,000Family Progression - Level 11Repairman
Increase family battle safe house heal rate by 10%.
1242,500,000Family Progression - Level 12Gang Up
Increase damage to family bosses by 5%.
1352,500,000Family Progression - Level 13Treasure Hunter
Increase loot drop rates in Secret Districts by 5%.
1465,000,000Family Progression - Level 14Slugger
Increase to Mafia attack/defense by 500/500, stamina regenerates 15% faster.
1577,500,000Family Progression - Level 15Demolitionist
Increase damage to opponents in the family battle by 5%.