Thursday, November 3, 2011

Release Notes - November 2, 2011 (Mafia Wars 2)


Hey there, Crew! The following changes are being made to the game today - there are tons of changes and fixes, but we're especially excited about the introduction of the Armory, which you'll need for 5v5 fighting, which is coming soon!

Of Special Note

  • The Arena Leaderboard will now reset once a month, not once a week.
  • New Armor, Weapons, and Vehicles have been added!
    • Halloween-themed weapons in the Global Marketplace
    • Ground, water, and air vehicles in the Global Marketplace
    • Armor, weapons, and vehicles in the Bone Yard shop
  • A new starter bundle offer has been added to the Payments page. Check it out and let us know what you think on the forums - and if you have suggestions for more bundles you'd like to see offered!
  • Fight titles can now be seen if you mouse over your rivals in an arena.

Additions & Changes

  • Boosts in the Marketplace have been reorganized by function instead of level.
  • Boosts that enhance Critical, Accuracy, and Stealth/Dodge are now collectively known as Tactics.
  • The Badlands now unlock at level 20.
  • The Garage for Vehicles now unlocks at level 6, and Garage 2 now unlocks at level 18 instead of 26.
  • Expansions on your Home Turf will now cost more Street Cred after the first few.
  • You now have to be in the same zone that contains a mission you're trying to pay through.
  • The Product Containers for the Give Harbor Master Some Product Containers now stack.
  • Many missions throughout the game can now be paid through with gold bars:
    • Granite Square
      • Question Locals
      • Vandalize Houses
      • Search 3 Stash Houses
    • Neon Strip
      • Beat Information Out of Larouche's Gangsters
      • Advanced Interrogation
      • Pay Off Gun Shop Owner
      • Whack Shack's Pack
    • Downtown
      • Rent Luxury Suite
      • Rob Buildings
      • Find the Lost Ho
      • Search Hotels
    • Bluebird Meadows
      • Under the Table
      • Caught in the Open
      • Sic Transit
      • Do you feel lucky, punk?
    • Westside Wharf
      • Give the Harbor Master What He Needs
      • Give Harbor Master Some Product
      • Kill Union Dock Workers
      • Kill Vitale Soldiers
    • Badlands
      • Next Bracket
      • The Best Offense
      • Bloody Sunday
      • No Pain, No Gain
      • Total Carnage


  • The dialog about expanding your turf when you return from fighting Dom in Casino Row will now only show once.
  • We fixed a couple of PvP fight tasks that would trigger even if you fought an NPC in an arena. Now when you have two PvP missions active at the same time, completing one will not cause the other one to break.
  • The Friends with Benefits quest no longer has a Visit Home Turf button if you're already on your Home Turf.
  • Cleared up an error that could appear when you clicked on your Mission Log if you had more than 5 missions active in it.
  • The Reinforced Gate/Secure Fencing in Westside Wharf is now, actually, secure. No, really, we mean it this time! Your avatar can no longer pass through without having to unlock it.
  • El Kiddo will only remind you that you've unlocked new equipment in the Marketplace, and won’t mention building levels now.
  • If you use a +5 Energy Pack and then try to do an action that requires more energy than you have, you'll get a prompt letting you know.
  • One of the many Money Collection missions was incorrectly stating that you only needed to collect from 8 buildings, not 10.
  • The Marble Wall now matches the placement footprint, and the Marble Wall Corner won't show through other objects now.
  • We’ve added a new icon to your screen that will let you know when there's a limited time offer or sale.
  • In the State of the Union, the union worker said "Here, take this" but never actually gave you anything.
  • The Rob Blind mission's first task was not updating unless you refreshed the game.
  • Flamingo decorations will no longer show through objects placed in front of them.
  • The Animated Lion decoration is no longer offset from its footprint when being placed.
  • If you place the weapon shop for the Build a Weapon Shop mission and then refresh, the guide arrow will no longer return over the Marketplace.
  • Opening the Crafting tab in the Marketplace will no longer cause the occasional Flash Application error.
  • Coins no longer fly out of the fuel depot when it's exploding.
  • The guide arrow in the Build a Grow House mission will no longer cover the Buildings tab in the Marketplace.
Info from Official Mafia Wars 2 Forum