Saturday, October 8, 2011

This & Next Week - 10/7/2011

Released This Week
Daily Take Update
Receive new rewards for each day in a row you play, and share the rest with your Mafia!
Mission Event: You Iced My Father...
Track down "Noneck" with Joe Castellano's help and earn the Turnstyle (158/87).
New NYC Property: Martial Arts Dojo
You have until 12:00 pm PDT on Thursday, October 20th, (2 weeks!) to upgrade this new NYC property to its maximum potential through feeds/requests.
Family Boss Fight: Clyde Axworthy
Clyde Axworthy is axing himself if your family is a threat. It's time to cut him down to size!
Mafia Wars 3rd Anniversary 60% Off RP Sale
Sale runs until 11:59pm PDT tonight, October 7th.
Mafia Wars 3rd Anniversary Marketplace Sale
Sale runs until 11:59pm PDT on Monday, October 10th.

This Week's Major Bug Fixes
We are pleased to announce that we're nearly done performing a major overhaul of the Bugs & Support forum, where we will be providing the latest updates on known issues, fixed bugs, & solutions in development! This is also where you can report a bug and help us determine its cause to assist in its resolution.

Coming Next Week*
*As far as currently scheduled, but things can change.
Secret District: Leticia, Colombia
Uncover the secrets of this jungle hideaway!
Mission Event: La Casa Grande
Imagine getting thrown in the big house. Now imagine getting thrown in the big house in Brazil! Escape to earn the Jaguarundi (87/159).