Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Release Notes - October 25, 2011 (Mafia Wars 2)


Hey Crew, we’ve updated Mafia Wars 2 again with new Halloween items, more content and changes and fixes to make your life of crime smoother on your rise to the top. Check out what’s new below!

Of Special Note
  • We did a separate hotfix to help fix the number of Out of Sync errors players were reporting. After you've played for a while, please vote on our poll and let us know if the hotfix helped you! (Note: You do not need to log into the forums to vote!)
  • We fixed a bug where you'd help a friend on their turf, but then lose the rewards. Thanks for helping us nail this one!
  • Pumpkin Bombs will now smash your rivals into bloody pieces.
  • When you pick up a special item and it flies to your profile pic, you'll get more information about the item, like rarity and stats.
  • Decorations in the Marketplace now unlock at level 1 (with the exception of the Structures tab). They’ve also had their prices adjusted and premium items have a new green background.
  • When you click on a dead rival in the Bone Yard, you'll now be asked to confirm that you want to travel to their turf to rob them. No more surprise trips!
  • When you peed in a fountain, your hair and clothes fell off during the animation. Even though this served you right we still fixed it.

Changes & Additions
  • Tier 1 crafting now has a health pack recipe.
  • The Place a Parts Factory mission icon has been updated.
  • New missions have been added to the tutorial to teach players about crafting.
  • The task icon on the info screen for Place a Crafting Workshop has been updated with new art.
  • Glancing Blow has a new animation to show that it did less damage - it's just a flesh wound!
  • Boss levels have been increased to match the max level for the zone they're in.
  • Some crafting recipes for equipment have had their stats adjusted to be more level-appropriate.
  • The Donkster & Rambler have new paint jobs.
  • Wander radius has been tweaked for rivals in the arenas.
  • If you don't have enough Gold Bars to pay for upgrade parts, you'll get a message saying so when you try to buy them.
  • The Kitty Roundup mission can now be completed, so turn in those… kitties! Meow!
  • Closing the "Accept" dialog when a friend offers help on your turf will no longer click through (and trigger) whatever was behind it - so you won't harvest the building before the friend can.
  • Feeds were sometimes taking 30 seconds or more to publish and could appear to be locked up. We have tweaked some code on our side to address the problem.
  • The Tormented Ghost clothing will now play nice with other clothes. Dress up your ghost with your favorite hairstyle!
  • The Claymore crafting recipe in Tier 2 crafting will no longer cause a display issue with Tier 1 recipes.
  • The hint for the Hijacking Armored Car mission has been updated with the correct requirements for the mission.
  • Cleaned up a few places where "{senderFirstName,name}" was appearing instead of someone's name in a feed.
  • Infiltrate the Casino now says Casino, not Bank in the Mission info screen.
  • The Place an Energy Station mission now tells you to recruit friends to staff the station, not ask for supplies.
  • Roteman doesn't turn visible in Downtown now until you get the mission to find him.
  • Your vehicles will show up on the Vehicles tab right away now.
  • Buildings which have been robbed now have a tooltip telling you so.
  • You won't stand on top of someone while attacking them now.
  • The social job in Westside Wharf has been fixed and can now be completed.