Saturday, October 15, 2011

Release Notes for Mafia Wars 2 - October 14, 2011


These release notes are for the update on October 14, 2011. We've listened to your feedback, fixed several issues, and made some changes that we hope make your play easier and more fun!

Please continue to leave feedback and report bugs on our Uservoice Feedback Forum, and have fun in the game!

  • Friends are no longer sorted alphabetically in the friend selector, so your friends Aaron and Abby won’t get all the good loot all the time (and you don’t overload them with more requests than they can accept!). When you send a request to a friend, their name is cycled to the bottom of the list. Whenever you open the selector, the top 3 people will be cycled to the bottom. We welcome your feedback about this change and how well it works for you!
  • When you start the game for the first time, your Crew ladder will now contain a few friends that also play Mafia Wars 2.
  • Call Zoe now has a mission complete popup.
  • You can now ask your friends for items directly from the crafting interface.
  • A new icon will now let you know when you can upgrade a building.
  • Under Construction icons will now display on unfinished buildings.
  • We believe we have fixed the problem where friends don't show up on your crew ladder! Please let us know if it still occurs.
  • Workers will no longer make off with your energy and cash when they fail to produce.
  • The Guide arrow for the Visit Zoe mission no longer obscures her portrait.
  • Fixed a few Out of Synch errors throughout the game.
  • The "You were attacked/robbed by" message will now correctly show who attacked you, instead of the same person, as well as who helped you on your home turf.
  • Tony will exit stage right during the cutscene, and not appear on your turf anymore once it's over.
  • Images in the Marketplace will now load faster.
  • Workers can now be assigned jobs even if you've placed them behind a building.
  • The icon in the Photograph the Celebrity brag feed no longer overlaps the text box.
  • Your avatar will now update correctly when you change clothes, and some things that weren't displaying (like tattoos and neck items) now show up correctly.
  • Zoe's image in the Desert Grave unlock has been updated.
  • Newly added friends will now correctly show up on your crew ladder.

The following changes will be going live within the next 24 hours:

  • We've added a "social presence" ticker, also known as the activity stream, to the upper right corner of the game board when something happens to your friends. Not all players will have this feature yet! This means your Crew will see:
    • When you start playing the game (if you already have any neighbors, that is)
    • When you level up
    • When you fight -- winning or losing gives different message. The first fight in any hour will be shown to your Crew.
    • When you get robbed -- the first time you get robbed in 1 hour period will notify your Crew.
  • You'll always get loot from opponents in the Bone Yard now.
  • Darnell the Street Physician has had a makeover.
  • The sell price on Baggy Jeans has been lowered.
  • If you reach the limit of requests you can send/receive for the day, the Ask button will be greyed out for item missions, Energy, Health, and Street Cred.
  • The progress bar has been updated - the animation is smoother, and the count will be displayed.
  • Clicking on the Brass Knuckles now lets you choose which arena to travel to.
  • You'll now actually get the Street Cred for completing Doom for Dom.
  • You can now click on the Casino Owner at the bottom of the Casino Row Zone to complete the Collect Protection Money mission.
  • Accepted Crew Building Upgrade requests after a building has been upgraded will no longer credit the user for the next upgrade for that same building.
  • The Guide Arrow will persist in the Build a Weapon Shop mission even after a refresh.
  • Charlie the Drunk will now give you your reward even if you refresh the game during his dialogs.
  • Text is no longer cut off in the Defeat Lucius mission.
  • If you leave the arena, your round score is now correctly recorded.