Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My game was redirected to Mafia Wars 2

Zynga is offering our players the opportunity to try out one of our newest games, Mafia Wars 2.

By clicking the 'Play Now' button on the Mafia Wars 2 button you will be taken to the new game, but don't worry this will open in a new tab and your Mafia Wars account will open in a separate tab.

To celebrate the new game players will have a limited time to reach to reach level 5 in Mafia Wars 2 in order to earn the Pole Dancer for your Mafia Wars account.  After you have reached the minimum level the Pole Dancer with stats of 125 defense & 101 attack will automatically be added.

For more information about Mafia Wars 2 please visit our Facebook page or our website listed below.