Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Note About Limited-Time-To-Request-Upgrade-Parts NYC Properties

Info from Official Mafia Wars Blog:
Some players have submitted bug reports via our Bugs & Support forum about being unable to request upgrade parts for 4 of the 9 New York City properties, specifically the Sports Bar, Venetian Condo, Tad's Gun Shop, and the Biker Clubhouse. This is actually not a bug. The ability to request upgrade parts for these properties was only available for a limited time. If you look at the property currently featured on the home page, you'll see a countdown timer centered at the top (highlighted below) telling you how much time you have left to request upgrade parts for that property.
Property Featured on the Home Page
When the countdown timer reaches 0:00:00, the property will remain at the level to which you were able to upgrade it by that time. The only way to upgrade these properties after their initial 1-2 week limited-time-to-request-upgrade-parts period is by purchasing the remaining parts you need with RP.
Now that you know how the recently introduced New York City properties work, it's the perfect time to request some upgrade parts for the currently featured property, the Martial Arts Dojo! You only have until 12:00 pm PDT on Thursday 10/20/2011 to upgrade it to its maximum potential through feeds/requests; a new property will take its place on the home page soon after.