Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Players not receiving their promotional rewards (MW2)

Thank you for playing our newest game, Mafia Wars 2!  We appreciate your willingness to give our new game a test drive.
The promotions that we are running are incentivized, meaning that we want to reward you for getting a taste of Mafia Wars 2. 
These rewards will be delivered to you when you return to the other game. For instance, the Fighter Bundle will be given to you when you return to Empires and Allies. The Winged Unicorn, when you return to Farmville.

To get the item, return to the game and then refresh the game.  That should provide you with your reward items. Keep in mind that the item may take 24 hours to appear in your inventory.
We are getting reports that some players are not getting their rewards for achieving level 5 in our game.
To ensure that you get your reward items in the quickest manner, please send in a support ticket for the game that can give you the reward.  The support staff for Mafia Wars 2 cannot give you the items.  
If you have already send in a ticket to Mafia Wars 2 about the missing items, you don't need to do anything. We will route the submitted tickets to the proper game's support staff.
Thanks again for checking out Mafia Wars 2!  We hope you will make it your new home. 
Go get 'Em!
--The Mafia Wars 2 Support Team.