Saturday, October 22, 2011

Release Notes - October 20, 2011 (MW2)

Hey Crew! We’re continuing to add new stuff to Mafia Wars 2 and squash bugs right and left. Thanks for the bug reports and feedback you’ve left on Uservoice – keep them coming! Check out the release notes below for what we added and fixed in the game today, and have fun!

Of Special Note
  • There's a new indicator on your Crew's portraits that lets you know whether you have friend actions available and whether they need help.
Additions & Changes
  • There's a new hint icon on the leaderboard that will open up the leaderboard tournament slider.
  • A new Free Gift icon has been added to your UI. Clicking it will take you to the friend selector.
  • Takshak's henchmen are tougher now, so watch out!
  • The Crafting Workshop and Parts Factory have new Mission & Mission Task icons.
  • The Miscellaneous tab in the Bone Yard store has been renamed to Energy.
  • When performing actions on a friend's turf, you now have the chance to trigger a feed to be published from the object you're helping with. Clicking on the share button will drop loot and give you the prompt to publish.
  • Locked workers in the Worker UI will now show what their output is, so you can see before you invest in them.
  • The cost for paying to complete the Call Up Your Crew mission has been increased.
  • The building to the right of Larouche's Upscale Casino now has a name when you mouse over it.
  • Buildings and Workers won't get stuck to your cursor anymore when you double-click on them with the Move tool.
  • The Chain Restaurant in the Make'em Burn mission will now catch on fire.
  • The crafting workshop will now face the correct direction when placed.
  • The display issue where it appeared that you spent product for each time you gave a worker a job has been corrected.
  • The price of the Bone Shield has been corrected.
  • The price of the Garage and the Workshop have been increased in the Marketplace.
  • The "Use" button for Street Cred now works.
  • Traveling to a rival's turf with less than 5 energy will no longer cause the Out of Energy popup to keep popping up.
  • Google+: The Add Gold & Cash tab will now display properly if you click on it after the Game Cards tab.
  • You can now complete "Upgrade X Building" quests even if you've already upgraded past the required level.
  • You'll no longer get an error if you complete the objectives of a job while still having actions queued up on the object.
  • We fixed an occasional error that occurred when clicking on an "Ask" feed.
  • Fixed some missing dialog in the Showdown mission,
  • The text for Larouche's Jeweled Revolver no longer overlaps itself in the Inventory screen.
  • The Facebook profile image now fully fills the slot in the Crew Building window.