Friday, October 28, 2011

Release Notes - October 27, 2011 (Mafia Wars 2)

Hey Crew, we’ve been cranking behind the scenes here making new content (coming soon!) and fixing the bugs you’re reporting. Keep reading to find out what’s new!

Of Special Note
  • Even more Halloween costumes have been added! Check out the Curse Warlock, Psycho Monkey, Full Moon Werewolf, and more!
  • The Like button has been added at the top of the game. You DID Like us… right?
  • Timed missions are in! If a mission has a time limit, the mission info screen will tell you how much time you have to complete it.
  • You can now cancel queued actions! Click on the ground to stop your queued up actions.

Additions & Changes
  • You can now pay through some of the quests in Boxer Island if you don't wish to complete them on your own.
  • There's a new icon next to the language selector above the game screen - if you want to speed up your game, click this icon and then click on Allow!
  • When you rob a rival's worker, you'll get a nice, rewarding animation of them being wasted. Doesn't that feel great?
  • The Friend Help icon in boss fights has been changed to a Crew icon instead of a phone. This isn't Who Wants to Be a Criminal Mastermind, after all.
  • Crafting parts have been added as mission rewards.
  • If a building hasn't loaded in yet when you travel to a zone, you'll see a spinner to indicate that it's on the way.
  • We'll let you know with a popup when you start the game whether you have workers that need to be placed.
  • Inventory buttons for Equip/Unequip are different colors now.

  • Fixed a game freeze that could happen after you fought a rival on their turf.
  • The Leather Corset no longer breaks off at the avatar's waist.
  • The Energy Plant on your friends' turfs will no longer appear rotated and the smoke will come out of the smokestacks rather than being offset.
  • The Sanguine Thirst cape no longer cuts off other items worn on the bottom layer.
  • The rewards in the Infiltrate the Casino mission were actually better than we were telling you in the mission info screen. They've been updated to reflect that the lewt is phatter.
  • The "79/80" that appeared over crew job items has been removed.
  • The "Threatening" leaderboard title is no longer cut off.
  • The language selector globe in the upper right will appear consistently now.
  • The mission and task icons for Place a Parts Factory now match the new Parts Factory artwork.
  • Fixed an issue where Heat Meters weren't showing that they were full even when they were.
  • The Helping Hands mission can now be completed.