Thursday, October 13, 2011

Not Seeing your Feed or Post or Can't Ask for Building Parts?

Info from Zynga Customer Support:

Many players have reported that they have not been able to see their post when asking for parts for the Constructed Properties.

One of the reasons that you may not be able to see the feed or post is due to recent changes that have been made by Facebook.  Most of the feeds that you post are no longer visible on your home page due to the changes, however, if you go to your Profile page on Facebook you will be able to see all of your posts.  This can be done clicking your name or photo on the top right hand side of your Facebook page.  When your profile page loads you will be able to see all of the posts that you have completed.

Some players have also expressed concerns because they are unable to request or ask for parts in the new Constructed Properties in New York.  For this issue it is important to remember that you can only request parts for the current buildable property, which is currently the Martial Arts Dojo.