Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Release Notes - October 18 2011 (Mafia Wars 2)

Of Special Note
  • Some players weren't able to load the game because they had too many crew and rivals trying to visit their turf. If you couldn't load before, please try now!
  • We've made a few more tweaks to the friend selector: You now have an X to close it, "Cancel" has been changed to "Return to Game," and both will highlight after the first batch of sends.
  • The number of items you can receive from friends per day has been raised from 15 to 25.
  • We've added a "MW 1 & 2 Friends" tab in the friend selector. Checking the "Select All" box will select all of the friends currently shown in the window. Request away!
Changes and Additions
  • Your friends will now randomly show up on your home turf or when you travel to other zones!
  • The Casino Row zone shop has new items.
  • Certain missions that had unbalanced Energy vs. Loot rations have been adjusted.
  • Certain social jobs had their unbalanced rewards adjusted downward.
  • The Equip, Unequip, and Buy buttons are now easier to tell apart from one another.
  • Some Arena shop items had their prices adjusted.
  • You can now sell Wardrobe items from the profile.
  • We've added the ability to quick-publish (no share dialog) the following events to your friends when you level up or win a boss fight.
  • You'll now have an indicator over your building letting you know when enough friends have accepted your request to help upgrade it.
  • The guide arrow for the Visit Zoe mission will no longer show up before you get the mission.
  • When clicking on a red-shielded rival to visit their turf and rob them, the rival would chicken out and not show up so you could rob them. They'll suck it up and fight now.
  • When the leaderboard resets each week, it should only reset your rank on the leaderboard, not your title. You'll no longer be reset to Newbie every week!
  • You can now choose your reward from Charlie the Drunk!
  • It now costs energy to fight the security guards in Neon Strip.
  • Guide arrows were added to the building & harvesting Gun Shop missions.
  • It will be easier now to collect energy from your friends' energy stations during the Recharge mission.
  • The Weapon Shop's Upgrade pushpin sometimes got lonely and started to follow your avatar around. It's been sent home to stay.
  • Zoe's buildings will no longer have Power-Up icons after you collect from them.
  • The Rob icon will now only show up if the building or agent can actually be robbed.
  • When you remove one of the three pieces of debris on the home turf that get swapped with safes, the debris will now clear immediately.
  • The Moose is no longer loose! The Moose is Loose mission now completes when you kill Moose.
  • Missions that have Street Cred as rewards will no longer throw an error when you open their information screens.
  • The female Yellow T-shirt no longer colors outside the lines.
  • The thugs accompanying Moose and Bonecrusher no longer have "Cannot Find String" when you mouse over them.
  • The Gearing Up quest has been moved to level 18.
  • Moose is a little dense, so you'll have to forgive him for telling you to upgrade your garage to level 2 right after you already did it. We got it through his thick skull and he'll no longer tell you to do it again.
  • The Place a Parts Factory mission will no longer pop up a "0% increase!" message (it was kind of a letdown).
  • The Joshua Tree is no longer offset when rotated.
  • Clicking on the brass knuckles when you're already in an arena will no longer cause the game to hang.
  • The Laspear no longer has placeholder art.
  • The Crazy Cat Lady in Bluebird Meadows no longer has a placeholder icon.
  • The Ski Mask and Eye Patch now display correctly when worn.
  • The Recharged mission will now update correctly when you collect from a friend's energy plant.
  • The "inventory full" message was hidden behind the Workshop window, so you couldn't tell why you weren't able to buy more parts.
  • The mouse-over text for Bonuses in the Bone Yard has been updated.
  • Instead of getting close enough to stab your rival in the eye with your gun, your avatar will leave enough space to aim and fire.